Americans’ Favorite Holidays, According to Data

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Americans’ Favorite Holidays, According to Data

Americans love a good celebration. And they will prove it again this Fourth of July holiday. Gathering with friends and family is a regular part of American life. 

Some of the holidays and events people celebrate are more obscure and niche while others are widely celebrated. Take the World Padel Tour, for instance. This is a reason to celebrate for those who are big fans of padel, a racket sport. Then there are holidays nearly all Americans celebrate like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving. These dates are noted in calendars each year, budgets are adjusted for gift-giving, and travel plans are made to ensure community during these special days.

Some holidays are sports-related and some are sentimental, like Christmas. This holiday brings about a change in the air for the last month of the year. This feeling is romanticized even further in states where snow falls. Then there are holidays centered around entertainment, like the Tribeca Film Festival, the BET Awards, and New York Fashion Week, which invites all fashionistas to the runway where designers present their iconic designs.

There is a holiday for every American to celebrate, no matter how different their interests are. Pickleball lovers have their own holidays as well as those who love skateboarding or arm-wrestling. Americans honor those who served on Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day and prioritize pranks on April Fool’s Day. Lovers have Valentine’s Day and those with a love for all things spooky have Halloween to relish.

Even as the year comes to an end and all Christmas gifts have been unwrapped, there is a final holiday Americans love to celebrate: New Year’s Eve. They dance into the night, waiting for the clock to strike at midnight so they can plant a kiss on their romantic partners. Then, they wake up the following day to enjoy the first holiday of the year: New Year’s Day.

To put this list of Americans’ favorite holidays together, 247 Tempo reviewed data provided by YouGov, a website that allows users to take polls and surveys for insight on a range of interesting topics. (Curious about a specific generation’s favorite holidays? Next, check out Baby Boomers’ Favorite Holidays and Events.) 

#57 World Padel Tour

Monitor teaching padel class to man, his student - Trainer teaches boy how to play padel on indoor tennis court
Source: Damiano Buffo / Shutterstock.com
Padel is a racket sport similar to tennis and squash.
  • Fame: 39%
  • Popularity: 23%

#56 Premier Padel

happy pretty girl practicing paddle sport on the paddle court
Source: george martin studio / Shutterstock.com
Elite players compete in Premier Padel every year.
  • Fame: 38%
  • Popularity: 24%

#55 Pro Padel League

Paddle tennis player hitting the ball during mixed doubles match on outdoor court.
Source: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock.com
Pro Padel league is the premier professional padel league in North America.
  • Fame: 44%
  • Popularity: 27%

#54 World of Outlaws

Dirt track racing circuit before a race session.
Source: Shayne T Wright / Shutterstock.com
World of Outlaws involves dirt track racing.
  • Fame: 45%
  • Popularity: 27%

#53 Nitrocross

Rallycross championship modified rally car driving on slalom course at the international rally event.
Source: GTS Productions / Shutterstock.com
Nitrocross features rallycross racing.
  • Fame: 45%
  • Popularity: 27%

#52 Miami Open

Tennis player woman, shoelace and ready for game, training or exercise sneakers in development, sports or focus. Sport expert, girl athlete and professional shoes with tennis ball, racket and goals
Source: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / Shutterstock.com
The Miami Open is a tennis tournament that takes place every year in Miami Gardens.
  • Fame: 57%
  • Popularity: 28%

#51 Major League Pickleball

Low angle view of a pickleball game
Source: Ivan Marc / Shutterstock.com
Did you know that Major League Pickleball exists and is one of Americans’ favorite holidays?
  • Fame: 66%
  • Popularity: 28%

#50 Professional Pickleball Association

Close up of female player serving the ball while playing doubles in pickleball.
Source: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock.com
Pickleball requires a hollow, plastic ball.
  • Fame: 64%
  • Popularity: 28%

#49 Eid al-Adha

Traditional arabic Eid al Adha, Eid al Fitr sweets .Maamoul , coffee pot with chocolate candies . Muslim holiday greeting card
Source: Veliavik / Shutterstock.com
Eid al-Adha honors Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son.
  • Fame: 49%
  • Popularity: 28%

#48 BAFTA Film Awards

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
BAFTA stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
  • Fame: 59%
  • Popularity: 28%

#47 World Arm-Wrestling League (WAL)

Source: Patrick Smith / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
Who knew arm-wrestling competitions such as this exist?
  • Fame: 64%
  • Popularity: 28%

#46 Street League Skateboarding

Low angle portrait of teenage boy wearing baggy pants standing on skateboard in urban area and looking at camera, copy space
Source: SeventyFour / Shutterstock.com
Street League Skateboarding began in 2010.
  • Fame: 57%
  • Popularity: 31%

#45 James Beard Awards

2022 James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards
Source: Jeff Schear / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
James Beard Awards honor chefs, restaurateurs, authors and journalists.
  • Fame: 57%
  • Popularity: 35%

#44 Ramadan

Lantern that have moon symbol on top and small plate of dates fruit with night sky and city bokeh light background for the Muslim feast of the holy month of Ramadan Kareem.
Source: Baramyou0708 / Shutterstock.com
Muslims worldwide observe the month of Ramadan.
  • Fame: 82%
  • Popularity: 36%

#43 New York Fashion Week

Shao - Runway - New York Fashion Week - September 2023
Source: Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
New York Fashion Week occurs every February and September.
  • Fame: 78%
  • Popularity: 38%

#42 X Games

Bmx Table Top on a dirt track.
Source: homydesign / Shutterstock.com
The X Games feature sports such as BMX.
  • Fame: 80%
  • Popularity: 39%

#41 Tribeca Film Festival​​

Source: Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival
The Tribeca Film Festival takes place in New York City.
  • Fame: 70%
  • Popularity: 39%

#40 World’s Strongest Man

Atlas Stones on their podiums at a Strongman Contest (NOTE: This is NOT artwork)
Source: Stephen Barnes / Shutterstock.com
Atlas stones have been featured in strongman competitions.
  • Fame: 77%
  • Popularity: 40%

#39 BET Awards

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
The Black Entertainment Television network established the BET Awards.
  • Fame: 89%
  • Popularity: 40%

#38 NFL Salute to Service

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Source: Justin Casterline / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
Each year the NFL honors U.S. service members, veterans, and their families.
  • Fame: 70%
  • Popularity: 41%

#37 Tour de France

Cycling race
Source: baranq / Shutterstock.com
The Tour de France is an annual bicycle race.
  • Fame: 91%
  • Popularity: 42%

#36 San Diego Comic-Con

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
San Diego Comic-Con has been held annually since 1970.
  • Fame: 76%
  • Popularity: 42%

#35 FIFA Women’s World Cup 

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
Viewers all over the world look forward to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  • Fame: 87%
  • Popularity: 43%

#34 New York Comic-Con

Source: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
New York Comic-Con is dedicated to comics, manga, anime, and more.
  • Fame: 76%
  • Popularity: 43%

#33 Country Music Association Awards

Source: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images
The Country Music Association Awards also goes by the CMA Awards.
  • Fame: 89%
  • Popularity: 43%

#32 National Women’s Soccer League

sports girl football player with a soccer ball on the soccer field, the concept of professional women's football
Source: sergey kolesnikov / Shutterstock.com
The National Women’s Soccer League is at the top of the United States League System.
  • Fame: 87%
  • Popularity: 43%

#31 MTV Video Music Awards

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
The MTV Video Music Awards honor the best music videos.
  • Fame: 94%
  • Popularity: 44%

#30 Wimbledon

Source: Clive Brunskill / Getty Images
Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world.
  • Fame: 90%
  • Popularity: 45%

#29 FIFA World Cup

Source: Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The FIFA World Cup brings many different countries together in competition.
  • Fame: 89%
  • Popularity: 45%

#28 NHL

Esposito Vs. Montreal
Source: Pictorial Parade / Archive Photos via Getty Images
The first NHL games date back to 1917.
  • Fame: 92%
  • Popularity: 45%

#27 Grammy Awards

Source: Jason Merritt/TERM / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
The Grammy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 45%

#26 Emmy Awards

75th Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
The Emmy Awards highlight outstanding achievements in the television industry.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 45%

#25 Cannes Film Festival

Source: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
The Cannes Film Festival takes place in Cannes, France.
  • Fame: 83%
  • Popularity: 46%

#24 Sundance Film Festival

Source: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
The Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the U.S.
  • Fame: 83%
  • Popularity: 46%

#23 NBA Finals

Source: Alyt Mambo / Shutterstock
The NBA Finals determines the league champion.
  • Fame: 95%
  • Popularity: 46%

#22 Indy 500

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty Images
Indy 500 winners receive a $10,000 bonus from the American Dairy Association of Indiana.
  • Fame: 91%
  • Popularity: 47%

#21 Winter X Games

Snowboarder jumping through air with deep blue sky in background
Source: Ipatov / Shutterstock.com
Snowboarding is one of the events featured in the Winter X Games.
  • Fame: 80%
  • Popularity: 47%

#20 Academy Awards

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
The Academy Awards are also known as the Oscars.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 49%

#19 April Fools’ Day

April Fools' Day
Source: Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock.com
April Fools’ Day is one of Americans’ favorite holidays.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 53%

#18 Black History Month

Children with teacher preparing for Black History Month
Source: Media_Photos / Shutterstock.com
Black History Month is observed every February.
  • Fame: 95%
  • Popularity: 54%

#17 NFL (National Football League)

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
Americans look forward to football season every year.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 56%

#16 Hanukkah

Source: Enzo Nguyen@Tercer Ojo Photography / iStock via Getty Images
The Jewish festival of Hanukkah lasts eight nights.
  • Fame: 94%
  • Popularity: 57%

#15 Valentine’s Day

Valentines Candy Hearts Isolated on White Background.
Source: Mega Pixel / Shutterstock.com
Valentine’s Day celebrates love.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 59%

#14 Super Bowl

Source: Mike Zarrilli / Getty Images
Americans celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with food and football.
  • Fame: 98%
  • Popularity: 60%

#13 Winter Olympics

Source: Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images
The Winter Olympics are held every four years.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 65%

#12 Saint Patrick’s Day

Source: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images
Saint Patrick’s Day commemorates the patron saint of Ireland.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 67%

#11 New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve
Source: Simon Dux Media / Shutterstock.com
There are many different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 67%

#10 Labor Day

Attractive man in work clothes, holding tools and a US flag in his hands and looking into the distance against the background of trees, blue sky and sunset. View from the back. Labour Day Concept
Source: SvetikovaV / Shutterstock.com
Labor Day honors the American Labor Movement.
  • Fame: 95%
  • Popularity: 67%

#9 Halloween

Source: mediaphotos / Getty Images
Every year kids go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
  • Fame: 98%
  • Popularity: 69%

#8 Easter

Small ,baby rabbit in easter basket with fluffy fur and easter eggs in the fresh,green spring landscape. Ideal as an easter card or greeting card or wallpaper.
Source: DRubi / Shutterstock.com
Easter commemorates Jesus’ rise from the dead.
  • Fame: 95%
  • Popularity: 70%

#7 Martin Luther King Jr.

Source: Evening Standard / Hulton Archive via Getty Images
Martin Luther King Jr. takes place on the third Monday of January each year.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 70%

#6 Father’s Day

Little boy painting his father's face while he sleeping. April fool's day prank
Source: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
Father’s Day celebrates fathers and other paternal figures.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 72%

#5 Memorial Day

Source: FatCamera / Getty Images
Memorial Day honors U.S. military members who died while serving their country.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 74%

#4 Veterans Day

Veterans Day
Source: Thinkstock / Stockbyte via Getty Images
Veterans Day is observed on November 11.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 75%

#3 Mother’s Day

Source: CatLane / Getty Images

Mother's Day arrangement with gift and fresh carnations

Mother’s Day celebrates mothers and maternal figures.
  • Fame: 97%
  • Popularity: 76%

#2 Christmas

Source: neirfy / Getty Images
Americans love Christmas.
  • Fame: 96%
  • Popularity: 77%

#1 Thanksgiving

Close up of extended family saying grace during Thanksgiving dinner at dining table.
Source: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock.com
Thanksgiving ranks #1 on our list of Americans’ favorite holidays.
  • Fame: 98%
  • Popularity: 79%
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