Hidden Riches From Your ’90s Childhood Could Pay Off Today

Troll Dolls for Sale on Shelf

Hidden Riches From Your ’90s Childhood Could Pay Off Today

Pop culture in the ’90s certainly left its mark on the world. Millennials likely remember the music scene that introduced grunge and popularized hip-hop and rap as well as the TV shows that shaped their youth like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Boy Meets World,” and any other ABC TGIF special. 

Beyond fashion and music, however, the 90s also launched several items that are seen as collectibles today. Most toys from this era are probably long gone given they were introduced nearly 40 years ago. However, many items on this list may also be worth a fortune today. If you happen to have any of these items at home and you’re considering reselling, keep in mind that to receive the highest dollar amount, most items on this list need to be in their original packaging. 

From special Pokémon Cards to the original Beanie Babies and Sky Dancers, each item below hit the peak of its popularity in the ’90s. While we’ll likely never see all of these items in their original form, many have made a resurgence back into pop culture as well. For example, Furbys have been making a comeback since their relaunch in 2023. 

To compile this list of ’90s items, 24/7 Tempo used various entertainment sources. These include Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, PopSugar, and Bustle. Here are 15 items from the ’90s that are now worth a fortune. (For more reading on ’90s pop culture, check out these fashion fads from the ’90s that we will never see again.) 

Pokémon Cards

Source: Courtesy of Disney XD
Certain Pokémon cards are worth quite a bit of money today.

While everyone knows that popular baseball cards over the years are now worth money, not everyone is aware that Pokémon Cards can be worth just as much, if not more. Cosmopolitan reports that a few in particular are worth the most money. Cards featuring Kangaskhan and Charizard Holofoil are certainly worth a lot of money. But the crown jewel is the Charizard First Edition Shadowless card from 1999. On eBay today, this card is worth about $1,500. 

Beanie Babies 

Plush toy collectible
Source: Gary Paul Lewis / Shutterstock.com
The ’90s items known as Beanie Babies are now worth a fortune.

Beanie Babies were around for years in the ’90s and have even been making a small comeback. But none are worth as much money as the original lineup. For example, Tuffy, a 1996 terrier puppy is currently worth $6,000 on eBay. A peace bear from the same year is selling for $2,500 as well. Many other beanie babies are selling for thousands of dollars, too. Who could deny these adorable, plush toys filled with pellets instead of stuffing? 


Source: gldburger / Getty Images
Did you forget to feed your Tamagotchi?

If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably either owned or knew someone who owned an original Tamagotchi. These toys were one of the highest selling during this decade and featured a fake, electronic pet that needed to be taken care of. Most Tamagotchi toys today aren’t worth much, but a few rare ones can be sold for a pretty penny. The Blue Bandai is currently being auctioned for $335 on eBay. 


Source: Handout / Getty Images
Though some ’90s kids loved Furbys, others found them creepy.

Many stand divided on Furbys. While these talking toys were definitely creepy at times and would sometimes speak out of nowhere, they still managed to be a hot item during the ’90s. Today, an original Furby still in the box can be worth upwards of a couple hundred dollars. Many, however, are only selling for around $50. 

Bop It Extreme

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons
The Bop It creator made another version known as the Bop It Extreme.

According to USA Today, the original Bop It first hit the gaming scene in 1997. This interactive, electronic toy became a massive success across the country, leading the creator to make other versions, including the Bop It Extreme. These toys aren’t worth as much as the Beanie Babies and Pokémon Cards, however. Today, they sell on eBay anywhere from $30-$40, though Cosmopolitan reports some have sold for about $150. 

Polly Pocket

Vintage Toy House with Snow
Source: matscisteph / Shutterstock.com
In the ’90s, Polly Pockets were even given out as McDonald’s toys.

Polly Pockets rose to fame in the ’90s. With tiny dolls inside tiny homes, each of these plastic playsets was sold as a complete set and can be worth a lot of money today. Currently, on eBay, a 1993 Fairy Wonderland is listed for $125. 

Hot Wheels

Source: CTRPhotos / Getty Images
Hot Wheels are yet another ’90s item worth a fortune today.

Many Hot Wheels cars were created and sold during this decade. They were even a featured item on the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy list. Not all are worth money, but The Gamer reports that the 1995 release of “Funny Car” (also known as Number 271) can be worth $3,500 today. 

Nintendo 64

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons


The Nintendo 64 brings back nostalgic memories for many ’90s kids.

Released in September of 1996, the Nintendo 64 brought new games to life including Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64. The Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, has brought many of these nostalgic games back to life and allowed us to relive our glory days of the original Nintendo setup. On eBay today, an extremely rare factory-sealed Nintendo 64 is selling for $250,000. 

American Girl Dolls

American Girl Doll, Walk in the flowers.
Source: SewSimPlypretty / Shutterstock.com
The original American Girl dolls are worth a lot of money today.

These dolls, which all came with their own backstory and unique design, were originally released in 1986. But their popularity grew into the 90s and made them a fan favorite for children everywhere. Specifically, four history-based dolls were released in the 1990s: Molly, Felicity, Kirsten, and Samantha. Today, these dolls are worth thousands of dollars on eBay. Additionally, American Girl dolls are still manufactured and sold today. The company even recently released a line of “historical” dolls based on ’90s culture, striking a nerve with millennials everywhere.  

Collectible Barbies 

Source: Ian Waldie / Getty Images
Certain discontinued Barbies from the ’90s could fetch a pretty penny today.

First released in 1959, Barbies have been a popular toy for decades. But a few that were sold in the ’90s have been discontinued, making them worth a pretty penny today. A few of the highest-selling Barbies from this time frame include “Jeweled Splendor” Barbie which was released in 1996, “Pink Splendor” Barbie, and “Barbie Loves Elvis” which was released in 1997 as a collector set. Today, these Barbies can be worth anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to $1,000. 

Sky Dancers

Source: neirfy / Getty Images
Every girl growing up in the ’90s wanted a Sky Dancer for Christmas.

Sky Dancers were another toy from the ’90s that likely showed up on every girl’s Christmas list at some point. Each “dancer” could be placed in a base that had a pull string attached. One pull of the string and the doll was up into the air. Today, Sky Dancers only sell for about $50 on eBay, though other sources state these dolls have sold for $200 in the past. 

Baby All Gone

Cute Baby Doll
Source: CANDYSS / Shutterstock.com
Baby All Gone dolls could “eat” and “drink.”

Released in the early ’90s, the Baby All Gone seemed magical to kids. The doll could “eat” and “drink,” giving kids the experience of taking care of a real-life baby. Today, a vintage 1995 Kenner doll that’s brand new in the box is selling for $394.95 on eBay. 


Troll Dolls for Sale on Shelf
Source: Rex K. Williams / Shutterstock.com
Trolls dolls inspired animated movies of the same name.

While Troll dolls have a beginning that dates back to the late-1950s, these toys were huge in the ’90s and especially known for their colorful hair. And yes, they’ve influenced the new line of animated movies of the same name. If you held on to your childhood dolls, they could be worth a lot of money today. Vintage ’90s Trolls are listed anywhere from $200 to $450 on eBay right now. 

Magic: The Gathering Cards

Playing trading card game on a table
Source: Wachiwit / Shutterstock.com
Magic: The Gathering Cards are a surprising ’90s item that could be worth a fortune today.

A Hasbro game that first launched in 1993, Magic: The Gathering was based around card trading. Each player could use their card to cast spells or wreak havoc on other player’s cards. Not every card from this set is worth money today, but the Black Lotus in mint condition is currently selling for a cool $1.2 million on eBay

Zelda Nintendo Mini Classic

Source: luza studios / Getty Images
In 2023 people can play as Zelda with the Nintendo Switch.

In 1998, Nintendo brought the gaming world to our pockets with the creation of their Mini Classics. These pocket-sized devices were sold with an attached keychain and only featured one game. Options included Donkey Kong and Mario’s Cement Factory among many others. One of the most popular was Zelda. While not very many of these are available for sale on eBay right now, there is one listing set at $599. Other games are also selling for several hundred dollars. (For similar content, click here to see the best ’90s movies that will never get old.) 

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