Longest-Running Prime-Time Shows in History

Source: Courtesy of DuMont Television Network

30. Ted Mack and The Original Amateur Hour (1948-1970)
> Series run: 22 years
> Network: CBS
> Genre: Reality
> IMDb user rating: 7.6

An offshoot of a radio show called “Major Bowes Amateur Hour,” this was a talent show that allowed audience members to vote on their favorite performers. Singers Frank Sinatra and Gladys Knight, among others, appeared on the show before their careers took off.

Source: Courtesy of Cable News Network

29. Crossfire (1982-2005)
> Series run: 23 years
> Network: CNN
> Genre: Talk
> IMDb user rating: 3.4

“Crossfire” was a political debate show that served to highlight the views of both a liberal and a conservative pundit related to current events in politics, and provide a platform for the two to discuss issues along with guests of opposing views.

Source: Courtesy of CBS

28. The Ed Sullivan Show (1948-1971)
> Series run: 23 years
> Network: CBS
> Genre: Variety
> IMDb user rating: 7.8

This vaudeville-style talent and variety show, originally called “Toast of the Town,” featured performers of all kinds, including comedians, actors, popular singers (including Elvis Presley and The Beatles early in their careers), and even circus performers.

Source: Courtesy of Nickelodeon Network

27. Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (1992-2015)
> Series run: 23 years
> Network: Nickelodeon
> Genre: Children’s news program
> IMDb user rating: 5.2

“Nick News with Linda Ellerbee” was a news program designed for children and teens that highlighted current events and socio-political issues while providing a platform for teens from around the U.S. to speak out about the issues.

Source: Courtesy of Music Television

26. The Challenge (1998-present)
> Series run: 23 years
> Network: MTV
> Genre: Reality game
> IMDb user rating: 7.6

Originally called “Road Rules: All Stars,” this reality competition show features contestants who compete in various extreme physical competitions while attempting to avoid being kicked off the show in the inevitable elimination rounds.