The Most Embarrassing Records in Sports History

Source: Focus on Sport / Getty Images

6. Most shots attempted with no makes in one game
> Record: 17 shots
> Record holder: Tim Hardaway
> Team: Golden State Warriors
> Year: 1991

There are bad shooting nights, and then there are nights like the one Tim Hardaway had against the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1991. Hardaway was usually a good shooter, but the five-time All-Star bricked all 17 of the shots he took for the Golden State Warriors, only two of which were from three-point range. Despite his abysmal performance, Hardaway still helped the Warriors earn a win in overtime, hitting both free throws he took and dishing out 13 assists.

Source: New York Jets / Wikimedia Commons

7. Most incompletions in one game
> Record: 36 incompletions
> Record holder: Joe Namath
> Team: New York Jets
> Year: 1967

In 1967, Joe Namath threw more passes than any other AFL quarterback. When his Jets played the Denver Broncos that year, they trailed 26-0 at halftime, so Namath needed to air it out to get his team back in the game. His passes, however, were off the mark more often than not. Namath went 24-60 with three touchdowns and four interceptions. His 36 incompletions are the most for any single passer in any NFL or AFL game, though three other QBs have thrown 35 incompletions.

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8. Worst goal differential in one season
> Record: -82 goal differential
> Record holder: Bill Mikkelson
> Team: Washington Capitals
> Year: 1974-1975

The Washington Capitals’ first season, 1974-1975, was a struggle. The team had a record of 8-67-5 and surrendered 265 more goals than they scored. No player epitomized the team’s struggles like defenseman Bill Mikkelson. That season, when he was on the ice, the team had a goal differential of -82, by far the lowest of any player in NHL history. To this day, no other player has had a differential worse than -70.

Source: Library of Congress / Wikimedia Commons

9. Most earned runs given up in one game
> Record: 16 runs
> Record holder: Howard Ehmke
> Team: Boston Red Sox
> Year: 1923

Usually, when pitchers give up more than a few runs, their manager will replace them. In a 1923 Yankees-Red Sox game, however, Boston pitcher Howard Ehmke was left on the mound to give up 16 earned runs — a record for an MLB game. Ehmke gave up four runs in the first inning, but settled in and his team only trailed 6-3 by the end of the fifth inning. In the sixth, Ehmke fell apart, giving up 11 runs before finally being replaced. His Red Sox wound up losing 24-4, and Ehmke gave up 16 earned runs and one unearned run.

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10. Worst free throw pct. in one season
> Record: 30.4% free throw shooting
> Record holder: Ian Mahinmi
> Team: Indiana Pacers
> Year: 2014-2015

It is normal for NBA centers to struggle with their free throw shooting, but no player has ever struggled like Ian Mahinmi did in the 2014-2015 season. The Pacers center hit just 30.4% of his foul shots, the lowest percentage among players who took at least 100 free throws in a single season. That season was a total outlier for Mahinmi, who is a career 61% free throw shooter.