The Most Beautiful Natural Wonder in Every State

Source: Ajith Kumar / Getty Images

Due to coronavirus-related worldwide travel restrictions, a planned big trip may have to be a domestic one. In order to avoid crowds and maintain social distance, spending time in nature may be the best type of vacation. Fans of the outdoors can satisfy their wanderlust by going on a road trip across the country, visiting unique destinations across the United States.

24/7 Tempo created a list of some of the most beautiful natural wonders in every state after reviewing dozens of travel guides, encyclopedia articles, and photography collections. While there is no definitive way to choose the most beautiful natural wonder, we’re confident that each of these places deserves a mention.

Few natural landscapes are a match to the beautiful features left by glaciers carving valleys out of mountains, rivers eroding canyons for millions of years, or volcanoes creating new islands overnight. These wonders are by no means each state’s most popular natural attraction, as the sheer size and variety of the geological formations in places like Utah and Arizona cannot be overlooked in favor of one shining star.

Natural attractions are astounding, but humans have built some impressive, gravity-defying, and awe-inspiring marvels, too. Here are the most photographed structures in the world.