The Best Bakery in Every State

The Best Bakery in Every State

In France, the distinction is made between a bread bakery (boulangerie) and a pastry shop (pâtisserie), and a similar dichotomy holds true in other places. In America, however, we tend to meld the two together with Yankee practicality, and our bakeries usually sell a wide range of flour-based (and/or gluten-free) baked goods, including breads, rolls, pastries, cakes and pies, and doughnuts, among other items. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that every town needs a good bakery. (There are also specialists, of course. For instance, this is the best donut shop in every state.)

If you’ve ever made a pie from scratch, rolled out your own sticky buns, or baked a fresh loaf of bread, you already know that baking can be a lot harder than it looks. Your adherence to quantities in your recipe has to be perfect, yeast needs to be given time to do its thing (if it’s involved), and it all needs to be baked at the correct temperature, for just the right amount of time. Now imagine scaling up production to serve up to hundreds of customers every day, all while making a profit, and you’ll understand just how hard it can be to run a bakery. Luckily for us, there are hardy souls everywhere around the country who have both the skill and the determination to do it. neva

To determine the best bakery in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed articles and rankings on a variety of sites including Eater, Taste of Home, Mashed, Mental Floss, Love Food, and Business Insider, as well as local and regional sources, basing our final choices on editorial discretion.

There are lots of different kinds of bakeries out there. In some, fresh-baked breads are front and center, while some are known for their cupcakes, pies, or croissants. Some follow recipes that have been passed down over generations, while others develop their own. Certain examples feature baked goods native to Latin America or Central Europe, while others offer specialties popular in their corners of the country – like klobásníky (stuffed rolls) in Texas or mochi donuts in Hawaii. (This is the most iconic dessert in every state.)

Whatever they serve, a great bakery can be more than just a place to grab a macaron or a Parker House roll or a loaf of rye: It can be the cornerstone of a community.

Source: Courtesy of Caitlin P. via Yelp

Alabama: The Continental Bakery
> Location: Birmingham
> Sample specialty: Wild yeast sourdough bread

Source: Courtesy of JaNat D. via Yelp

Alaska: Marlo’s Bakery
> Location: Fairbanks
> Sample specialty: Pecan sticky bun

Source: Courtesy of Squarz Bakery & Café via Yelp

Arizona: Squarz Bakery & Café
> Location: Tempe & Scottsdale
> Sample specialty: Kouign amann

Source: Courtesy of Ann N. via Yelp

Arkansas: Dempsey Bakery
> Location: Little Rock
> Sample specialty: Hit milk cake

Source: Courtesy of Michael W. via Yelp

California: Acme Bread Company
> Location: Berkeley & San Francisco
> Sample specialty: Jalapeno cheese bread

Source: Courtesy of Anna G. via Yelp

Colorado: Babette’s Bakery
> Location: Longmont
> Sample specialty: Oatmeal porridge loaf

Source: Courtesy of Michael U. via Yelp

Connecticut: Nana’s Bakery & Pizza
> Location: Mystic
> Sample specialty: Cacio e pepe sourdoughnut (made to order)

Source: Courtesy of Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe

Delaware: Sweet Somethings
> Location: Wilmington
> Sample specialty: Chocolate espresso cake

Source: Courtesy of Ba C. via Yelp

Florida: Yalaha Bakery
> Location: Yalaha
> Sample specialty: Pretzel roll with cheese

Source: Courtesy of The Buttery ATL via Yelp

Georgia: The Buttery ATL
> Location: Atlanta
> Sample specialty: Jen Yee’s dream cookie

Source: Courtesy of Joel D. via Yelp

Hawaii: Liliha Bakery
> Location: Honolulu
> Sample specialty: Pot mochi donut

Source: Courtesy of Daniel S. via Yelp

Idaho: Flight of Fancy Bakery
> Location: Donnelly
> Sample specialty: Huckleberry cream cheese danish

Source: Courtesy of Nizel A. via Yelp

Illinois: Weber’s Bakery
> Location: Chicago
> Sample specialty: Cinnamon raisin cylinder

Source: Courtesy of Iona B. via Yelp

Indiana: Amelia’s Bread
> Location: Indianapolis
> Sample specialty: Pullman sandwich loaf

Source: Courtesy of Mohamad A. via Yelp

Iowa: Deluxe Cakes and Pastries
> Location: Iowa City
> Sample specialty: Ham and gruyere baguette

Source: Courtesy of Marli V. via Yelp

Kansas: Augustine’s Bakery
> Location: Hays
> Sample specialty: Black Forest cheesecake

Source: Courtesy of P K. via Yelp

Kentucky: Bluegrass Baking Company
> Location: Lexington
> Sample specialty: Bohemian beer bread

Source: Courtesy of Mattie W. via Yelp

Louisiana: La Boulangerie
> Location: New Orleans
> Sample specialty: Cinnamon walnut churro

Source: Courtesy of Jason M. via Yelp

Maine: Standard Baking Co.
> Location: Portland
> Sample specialty: Pistachio shortbread

Source: Courtesy of Brian R. via Yelp

Maryland: The Breadery
> Location: Catonsville
> Sample specialty: French baguette

Source: Courtesy of Dan R. via Yelp

Massachusetts: Berkshire Mountain Bakery
> Location: Housatonic & Pittsfield
> Sample specialty: Jalapeño and cheese mini ciabatta

Source: Courtesy of Lena J. via Yelp

Michigan: Zingerman’s Bakehouse
> Location: Ann Arbor
> Sample specialty: Jewish rye bread

Source: Courtesy of Angel K. via Yelp

Minnesota: Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris
> Location: St. Paul
> Sample specialty: Paris Brest

Source: Courtesy of Nathan H. via Yelp

Mississippi: The Bottletree Bakery
> Location: Oxford
> Sample specialty: Monkey bread

Source: Courtesy of Angela C. via Yelp

Missouri: Nathaniel Reid Bakery
> Location: Kirkwood
> Sample specialty: Four cheese and honey focaccia

Source: Courtesy of Black Cat Bake Shop

Montana: Black Cat Bake Shop
> Location: Missoula
> Sample specialty: Pecan sticky bun

Source: Courtesy of Patisserie Manon via Yelp

Nevada: Patisserie Manon
> Location: Las Vegas
> Sample specialty: Lemon tartlette

Source: Courtesy of Jeannie N. via Yelp

Nebraska: Olsen Bake Shop
> Location: Omaha
> Sample specialty: Houska bread

Source: Courtesy of Liz S. via Yelp

New Hampshire: Polish Princess
> Location: Lancaster
> Sample specialty: Vollkornbrot (sourdough rye bread with sunflower seeds)

Source: Courtesy of Tejune K. via Yelp

New Jersey: Balthazar Bakery
> Location: Englewood
> Sample specialty: Chocolate truffles

Source: Courtesy of Vi N. via Yelp

New Mexico: Golden Crown Panaderia
> Location: Albuquerque
> Sample specialty: Original New Mexico green chile bread

Source: Courtesy of Joy J. via Yelp

New York: Sullivan Street Bakery
> Location: New York City
> Sample specialty: Pizza bianca (flatbread)

Source: Courtesy of Ola K. via Yelp

North Carolina: Amélie’s French Bakery and Café
> Location: Charlotte
> Sample specialty: Croque monsieur

Source: Photo by Michael U. via Yelp

North Dakota: Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Café
> Location: Fargo
> Sample specialty: Pecan sticky roll

Source: Courtesy of Vincent L. via Yelp

Ohio: Blackbird Baking Company
> Location: Lakewood
> Sample specialty: Cherry almond scone

Source: Courtesy of Alex G. via Yelp

Oklahoma: Front Porch Bakery
> Location: Claremore
> Sample specialty: Lemon poppy seed muffin

Source: Courtesy of Megan L. via Yelp

Oregon: Ken’s Artisan Bakery
> Location: Portland
> Sample specialty: Hazelnut butter cookie

Source: bgwalker / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

Pennsylvania: La Gourmandine
> Location: Pittsburgh
> Sample specialty: Macaron au chocolat

Source: Courtesy of JS C. via Yelp

Rhode Island: Pastiche Fine Desserts
> Location: Providence
> Sample specialty: Passion coconut cake

Source: Courtesy of Sugar Bakeshop

South Carolina: Sugar Bake Shop
> Location: Charleston
> Sample specialty: Red velvet cupcake

Source: Courtesy of Franny S. via Yelp

South Dakota: CH Pâtisserie
> Location: Sioux Falls
> Sample specialty: Classic croissant

Source: Courtesy of Muddy's Bake Shop via Yelp

Tennessee: Muddy’s Bake Shop
> Location: Memphis
> Sample specialty: Chocolate peanut butter bar

Source: Courtesy of Mark N. via Yelp

Texas: Original Kountry Bakery
> Locations: Schulenburg and Hallettsville
> Sample specialty: Jalapeño & sausage & cheese klobásníky

Source: Courtesy of Xinmiao L. via Yelp

Utah: Eva’s Bakery
> Location: Salt Lake City
> Sample specialty: Date cake with butter cream

Source: Courtesy of King Arthur Café, Bakery & Store via Yelp

Vermont: King Arthur Café, Bakery & Store
> Location: Norwich
> Sample specialty: Rye sea salt brownie

Source: Courtesy of Karina M. via Yelp

Virginia: Sub Rosa Bakery
> Location: Richmond
> Sample specialty: Fig and cheese croissant

Source: Courtesy of Karlo G. via Yelp

Washington: Bakery Nouveau
> Location: Seattle
> Sample specialty: Olive fougasse

Source: Courtesy of Kathleen M. via Yelp

West Virginia: Shepherdstown Sweet Shop
> Location: Shepherdstown
> Sample specialty: Pepperoni roll

Source: Courtesy of Erik R. via Yelp

Wisconsin: Peter Sciortino Bakery
> Location: Milwaukee
> Sample specialty: Mini cream puff

Source: Courtesy of Nazanin N. via Yelp

Wyoming: Persephone Bakery
> Location: Jackson Hole & Wilson
> Sample specialty: Bread pudding French toast


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