Best Donut Shops in America

Source: Courtesy of Dino's Donuts via Facebook

The average American eats 31 donuts per year, according to a 2018 survey from Dawn Foods, a global supplier of bakery ingredients – with over a third of consumers eating donuts at least once a month. 

While America’s obsession with these fried treats is generations old, recent decades have seen a wave of independent and small chain donut shops sweep the nation. Of the 10 billion donuts made in the U.S. annually, the two most ubiquitous chains account for less than half. Krispy Kreme sells up to 1.6 billion a year, while Dunkin’ sells 2.9 billion – including munchkins. (These are the Dunkin’ Donuts capitals of America.)

To compile a list of the best donut shops in America, 24/7 Tempo consulted articles and rankings on a variety of sites, including Eater, Food & Wine, Thrillist, Time Out, and Tasting Table, as well as numerous local and regional sources, then made a final choice based on editorial discretion. Some of these shops offer virtually nothing but donuts, while others are full-service bakeries or cafés known for the quality of their donuts as well as other foods. Most of the shops here are independent one-unit operations; exceptions are noted as such.

According to Dawn Foods, some 82% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers are interested in trying donuts offering adventurous and novel flavor combinations – and most of the best donut shops in the nation offer some edgy flavors that push the envelope beyond the everyday glazed and cream-filled varieties. From olive oil and black pepper to broccoli cream to strawberry matcha, the varieties at these purveyors are virtually limitless. 

Southern California has long been known as a donut mecca, and five of the best donut shops are in that regionl. Los Angeles boasts a donut shop for every 7,000 residents, while the rate in the rest of the country is closer to one per 30,000. Four shops are in Texas, which is also known for its plethora of donut purveyors. (This is the best donut shop in every state.)

Source: Chicken Courtesy of Denisse R. via Yelp

Mojo Donuts & Fried Chicken
> Location: Miami, Florida
> Sample donut: Guava and cheese

Source: Courtesy of Demet's Donuts via Facebook

Demet’s Donuts
> Location: Medford, Massachusetts
> Sample donut: Blueberry nugget

Source: Courtesy of B T. via Yelp

Do-Rite Donuts
> Location: Chicago, Illinois (five locations)`
> Sample donut: Pistachio old-fashioned

Source: Courtesy of Claude B. via Yelp

Donut Bar
> Location: San Diego, California
> Sample donut: Real vanilla bean glazed

Source: Courtesy of Evo T. via Yelp

Funkytown Donuts
> Location: Fort Worth, Texas
> Sample donut: Orange dark chocolate

Source: Courtesy of Sarah L. via Yelp

Round Rock Donuts
> Location: Round Rock and Cedar Park, Texas
> Sample donut: Chocolate-dipped chocolate

Source: Courtesy of Praju S. via Yelp

Purvé Donut Stop
> Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (two locations)
> Sample donut: Alohamac (chocolate glazed dusted with macadamia nuts and caramel

Source: Courtesy of Westside G. via Yelp

DK’s Donuts
> Location: Santa Monica, California
> Sample donut: Caramel Snickers

Source: Courtesy of Giancarlo S. via Yelp

The Doughnut Plant
> Location: New York City (two locations), Brooklyn (two locations), Queens, New York
> Sample donut: Peanut butter & banana cream

Source: Courtesy of Julianne M. via Yelp

The Heavenly Donut Company
> Location: Birmingham, Alabama
> Sample donut: Sour cream old-fashioned

Source: Courtesy of Dino's Donuts via Facebook

Dino’s Donuts
> Location: Anchorage, Alaska
> Sample donut: German chocolate frosted

Source: Courtesy of Toya S. via Yelp

Revolution Doughnuts
> Location: Decatur and Atlanta, Georgia
> Sample donut: Toasted almond cake

Source: Courtesy of Guru Donuts via Yelp

Guru Donuts
> Location: Boise and Eagle, Idaho (three locations)
> Sample donut: Cinnamon sugar potato

Source: Courtesy of Krumpe's Do-nut Shop Inc. via Facebook

Krumpe’s Do-nuts
> Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
> Sample donut: Lemon drop

Source: Courtesy of Cardigan Donuts via Facebook

Cardigan Donuts
> Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
> Sample donut: Turtle cheesecake

Source: Courtesy of Granny's Gourmet Donuts via Facebook

Granny’s Gourmet Donuts
> Location: Bozeman, Montana
> Sample donut: Broccoli cream

Source: Uncle Dood's Donuts / Facebook

Uncle Dood’s Donuts
> Location: Toms River, New Jersey
> Sample donut: Werewolf Fuzz (maple icing and toasted coconut

Source: Courtesy of Alicia W. via Yelp

Whoo’s Donuts
> Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
> Sample donut: Strawberry matcha

Source: Courtesy of Natalia B. via Yelp

Buckeye Donuts
> Location: Columbus, Ohio
> Sample donut: Red velvet with cream cheese

Source: Courtesy of Karla M. via Yelp

Polar Donuts
> Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
> Sample donut: Blueberry frosted

Source: gatekepa / Flickr

Gibson’s Donuts
> Location: Memphis, Tennessee
> Sample donut: Maple bacon

Source: Courtesy of Kristine G. via Yelp

Colorado Donuts
> Location: Eagle Rock, California
> Sample donut: Banana Nilla Wafer

Source: Courtesy of North Country Donuts via Facebook

North Country Donuts
> Location: Morrisville, Vermont
> Sample donut: Ricotta cream

Source: Courtesy of Jeff L. via Yelp

Cowboy Donuts
> Location: Rock Springs, Wyoming, and American Fork, Utah
> Sample donut: Pumpkin spice

Source: Courtesy of Pinkbox Donuts via Facebook

Pinkbox Donuts
> Location: Las Vegas (two locations) and Henderson, Nevada
> Sample donut: Coco Loco (chocolate-frosted glazed chocolate cake with Cocoa Pebbles

Source: Courtesy of Jon R. via Yelp

Neil’s Donuts
> Location: Wallingford and Middletown, Connecticut
> Sample donut: Reese’s peanut butter crumb

Source: Courtesy of George C. via Yelp

Combo Donuts
> Location: Austin, Texas
> Sample donut: Plain glazed

Source: Courtesy of Debbie Z. via Yelp

Sugar Shack Donuts
> Location: Richmond, North Chesterfield, and Charter Colony, Virginia
> Sample donut: Strawberry shortcake

Source: Courtesy of Thanh L. via Yelp

The Holy Donut
> Location: Portland (two locations), Scarborough, Arundel, Maine
> Sample donut: Holy Cannoli ginger glazed

Source: Courtesy of Donnie's Donuts via Facebook

Donnie’s Donuts
> Location: Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida
> Sample donut: Death by Chocolate (chocolate cake with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and drizzle)

Source: Courtesy of Monicka C. via Yelp

California Donuts
> Location: Los Angeles, California
> Sample donut: Thin Mint (Girl Scout cookie)

Source: Courtesy of Shoshana R. via Yelp

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
> Location: Brooklyn, New York
> Sample donut: White cream coconut

Source: Courtesy of Jivak S. via Yelp

Donut Run
> Location: Washington, D.C.
> Sample donut: Peppermint mocha (vegan)

Source: Courtesy of Caitlin C. via Yelp

The Donut Whole
> Location: Wichita, Kansas
> Sample donut: Cherry berry

Source: Courtesy of Dottie's Donuts via Facebook

Dottie’s Donuts
> Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (three locations)
> Sample donut: Pumpkin-miso goji berry

Source: Courtesy of The Doughnut Project via Facebook

The Doughnut Project
> Location: New York City, New York
> Sample donut: The Bronx (olive oil and black pepper glaze)

Source: Courtesy of Mellissa B. via Yelp

The Jelly Donut
> Location: San Francisco, California
> Sample donut: Pineapple jelly

Source: Courtesy of Lauren C. via Yelp

River Oaks Donut Shop
> Location: Houston, Texas
> Sample donut: Cherry iced

Source: Courtesy of Emi R. via Yelp

Doughnut Vault
> Location: Chicago, Illinois
> Sample donut: Piña colada old-fashioned

Source: Courtesy of Kati K. via Yelp

The Tatonut Shop
> Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
> Sample donut: Cookie butter

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