The 15 Ultimate Summer Road Trips

Source: monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

It would take a lifetime to travel every road and experience the whole country. From the Mojave Desert to the snow-covered summit of Denali, the United States’ 3.8 million square miles of land contain examples of nearly every climate zone on earth.

With so much to explore, 24/7 Tempo planned out the 15 ultimate summer road trips to bring you to the far reaches of the American landscape.

Whether it’s sunny beaches, bar-hopping, or remote mountains, the country has something to offer everyone. Remember to take the back roads, and stop often if you want to see some really cool and jaw-dropping places — these are the most beautiful attractions in America. The journey is the destination.

To compile a list of 15 of the best road trips you can take this summer, 24/7 Tempo reviewed multiple travel guides. Only trips that are over 300 miles were selected because a road trip inherently means it will take more than a day. Trips that will only take a few hours were excluded.