The Most Expensive Holiday Foods

The Most Expensive Holiday Foods

The year-end holidays are a time for celebration and for special meals around festive tables – whether that means wonderfully raucous family gatherings, improvised potlucks with friends, or intimate candlelit dinners with a loved one.

The season also seems to call for extravagance – especially this year, after the travails of 2020 and 2021. If we’re lucky enough to be able to afford it, this is the time for smoked salmon, not tuna salad; prime rib, not burgers.

Through the years, certain high-end foods have come to be identified with the holidays – caviar and foie gras; whole roast birds (turkey, of course, but also capon or goose); elaborate desserts like the classic bûche de Noël or Yule log or dried-fruit-studded panettone or plum pudding. And if you’re of Italian heritage, baccala – salt cod – might also be on the menu, especially for Christmas Eve. (And for the day itself, here are 20 festive Christmas dinner ideas.)

Of course, luxury doesn’t come cheap. To compile a list of the most expensive holiday foods – out-of-the-ordinary items typically eaten during the Christmas season and through New Year’s Eve – 24/7 Tempo consulted the websites of a number of online merchants specializing in premium food products, including D’Artagnan, Fulton Fish Market, La Tienda, Snake River Farms, and Marky’s. As with all food products, prices may vary according to size, quality, source, etc., but the prices given here are typical as of late November 2022.

You can still have a good time with those who mean a lot to you without buying anything on this list, of course – but if you’re able, maybe a taste of something indulgent will help make your holiday a little brighter – and in any case, enjoying most of these foods will still cost a lot less than dining in one of the most expensive restaurants in America.

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19. Panettone (2.2 lbs.)
> Typical price: $34

Source: Rebecca_Skilling / Getty Images

18. Plum pudding (imported)
> Typical price: $35

Source: voloshyna / iStock via Getty Images

17. Pheasant (2-2.75 lbs.)
> Typical price: $40

Source: Vladimir Mironov / iStock via Getty Images

16. Salt cod filet (3 lbs.)
> Typical price: $65

Source: olgakr / Getty Images

15. Fresh black truffle (1 oz.)
> Typical price: $80

Source: Joyce Grace / iStock via Getty Images

14. Gingerbread house (small)
> Typical price: $80

Source: Yingko / iStock via Getty Images

13. Scottish smoked salmon (2-lb. side, sliced)
> Typical price: $90

Source: etorres69 / Getty Images

12. Bûche de Noël (Yule log)
> Typical price: $90

Source: Harahliad / iStock via Getty Images

11. Capon (8 lbs.)
> Typical price: $135

Source: t sableaux / iStock via Getty Images

10. Foie gras (whole raw lobe, 1.5-1.75 lbs.)
> Typical price: $150

Source: levkr / iStock via Getty Images

9. Turducken (12-16 lbs.)
> Typical price: $155

Source: manyakotic / iStock via Getty Images

8. Country ham (bone-in, 13-16 lbs.)
> Typical price: $220

Source: AlexRaths / iStock via Getty Images

7. Heritage turkey (18-20 lbs.)
> Typical price: $249

Source: alvarez / E+ via Getty Images

6. Goose (8-10 lbs.)
> Typical price: $250

Source: wilpunt / E+ via Getty Images

5. Champagne (Dom Pérignon 2012, 750 ml)
> Typical price: $250

Source: Burke/Triolo Productions / The Image Bank via Getty Images

4. American black grade wagyu prime rib roast (5 lbs.)
> Typical price: $255

Source: Luiz Henrique Mendes / iStock via Getty Images

3. Fresh white truffle (1 oz.)
> Typical price: $392

Source: ben-bryant / iStock via Getty Images

2. Suckling pig (30-40 lbs.)
> Typical price: $400

Source: alexkich / Getty Images

1. American beluga caviar (1 oz.)
> Typical price: $830

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