Fries Are Still America’s Favorite Potato Dish — But Guess What’s Number 2

Source: filadendron / Getty Images

The most popular potato preparation in America is the French fry. That’s according to an analysis of food ordering data between January 2018 and July 2019 by DoorDash, America’s largest food delivery service (and the world’s second-largest, after Uber Eats).

Now that DoorDash is delivering from McDonald’s, famous for its fries, maybe the quantity ordered will rise even higher. This is how long it will take to burn off the calories from fries — and other favorite foods.

French fries made up 69% of the top potato dishes ordered nationwide during that period — and, perhaps more surprisingly, were also the most ordered variety of potatoes for breakfast (which DoorDash considers as being between 6 a.m. and noon Pacific time).

The second-most popular potato dish, both overall and for breakfast, was hash browns — which were up 1,200% this year over 2018 as a breakfast choice. Hash browns are an especially popular item in the morning menu in some parts of the country — these are the best breakfast sandwiches in every state.

Potato chips and sweet potato chips both made the breakfast popularity list in 2018, but were missing from the 2019 roster.

The rest of this year’s most popular potato choices, in descending order: waffle fries, mashed potatoes, potato salad, tater tots (which tripled in popularity over 2018), baked potato, potato skins, home fries, and loaded tater tots.

This year’s most popular condiments for potatoes were cheese sauce, ketchup, Chick-Fil-A Sauce, salt and vinegar, and lemon pepper, in that order.

DoorDash does not speculate on whether potato consumption is likely to noticeably increase on August 19 — which has been designated as National Potato Day. If you happen to miss the event, don’t worry: all of September is National Potato Month.