Can You Answer These Real ‘Jeopardy!’ Clues About US Presidents

Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

“Jeopardy!” has been one of most beloved primetime game shows in America for decades. In the show, three contestants duke it out answering trivia questions in several categories, including the U.S. presidency. 

With Election Day less than a month away, 24/7 Tempo combed through J! Archives — a site created by fans of the show that lists clues going back to 1984 — to identify some of the most interesting and challenging questions about the highest office in government.

 There have been more than 300 questions about the people who have been elected president since the country’s founding in 1776, and most of them go beyond the basics covered in history class.

Most people probably know that George Washington, the first president of the United States, was also the only head of state who did not represent a political party, but not as many know that he was in debt while running his tobacco farm. Or, while Gerald Ford is famous, among other things, for being the only unelected president, few know he was also a college football MVP.

 Wonder how you’d rate on the game show? Take the following pop quiz and see how you stack up. You can also test your knowledge in another area — U.S. states: Here are 50 real “Jeopardy!” questions about each state.