30 Real ‘Jeopardy!’ Clues About the ’90s That Will Make You a Trivia Champion

Source: Amanda Edwards / Stringer / Getty Images

Americans who grew up in the 1990s may describe the decade as a wild time before computers, cell phones, and social media. It was a strange time of wide leg jeans, boy bands, Pokemon collections and Tamagochis, and rollerblades. 

But how much do you actually still remember about life and trends 30 years ago? 

24/7 Tempo went through J! Archives — a site created by fans of the show that lists clues going back to 1984, when the show first aired in its current format — to identify more than 30 challenging clues about the 90s that cover everything from movies and TV shows to fashion and historic events. 

Wonder whether you know enough to make it on the show? Take the following pop quiz and see how you stack up.

And, in honor of March being an Irish-American Heritage Month, you can also test your knowledge in another area — Irish heritage. Here are 40 real “Jeopardy!” clues about Irish culture you can try to solve.