Can You Guess These Real “Jeopardy!” Clues About the ‘70s?

Source: Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

Americans who grew up in the 1970s may describe the decade as a time of increased political awareness and opposition to the power of big governments. The hippie culture waned by the mid ’70s, and the environmentalist movement began to rise. 

The 1970s were also a time of change in pop culture, now remembered for wild fashion trends, disco, and iconic sports cars. 

But how much do you actually still know about life and trends 50 years ago? 

24/7 Tempo went through J! Archives — a site created by fans of “Jeopardy!” that lists clues going back to 1984, when the show first aired in its current format — to identify more than 30 challenging clues about the ’70s. THe clues cover everything from movies and TV shows to fashion and historic events. 

Wonder whether you know enough to make it on the show? Take the following pop quiz and see how you stack up.

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