35 Unforgettable Nicknames In Sports

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26. No Neck
> Player: Walt Williams
> League: MLB
> Position, team(s): Outfielder, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees
> Career: 1964-1975

Walt Williams was mostly known for his nickname “No Neck” because he was just 5’6″l and weighed 165 pounds in his playing days. His stocky build made it look like his head went straight into his shoulders. In his 10-year MLB career, mostly with the Chicago White Sox, Walt Williams batted a respectable .270, though he hit with little power. HIs best season was in 1969 when he finished sixth in the American League in batting, hitting .304.

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27. The Great One
> Player: Wayne Gretzky
> League: NHL
> Position, team(s): Center, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings
> Career: 1978-1999

Fans of basketball and football often debate who is the greatest player of all time. In hockey, there is no debate. Wayne Gretzky earned his first of nine Hart Trophies as the NHL’s most valuable player at 19. He won four Stanley Cups and was named an All-Star 15 times, earning him the nickname “The Great One.”

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28. The Refrigerator
> Player: William Perry
> League: NFL
> Position, team(s): Defensive tackle, Chicago Bears
> Career: 1985-1993

One of the most enduring moments from the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears season was the 6’2″, 335-pound William “The Refrigerator” Perry plunging across the goal line in a stint as running back. Perry earned his nickname for being roughly the size of the large kitchen appliance, but he was also very athletic. He could even dunk a basketball. Some teammates called him “Biscuit” for being “a biscuit under 350” pounds.

Source: Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec / Wikimedia Commons

29. Rocket
> Player: Maurice Richard
> League: NHL
> Position, team(s): Right wing, Montreal Canadiens
> Career: 1942-1960

Maurice Richard was a hometown hero for the Montreal Canadiens. He earned his “Rocket” nickname when teammate Ray Getliffe was amazed by his blazing speed, telling reporters “‘Look at that, he’s like a rocket” at a practice. The nickname was so popular that his little brother Henri was called “pocket rocket.”

Rocket Richard led the Habs to eight Stanley Cups in his 18-year career and topped the league in goals five times. The NHL’s top scorer is now awarded the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy in his honor.

Source: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images

30. The Greek Freak
> Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo
> League: NBA
> Position, team(s): Power forward, Milwaukee Bucks
> Career: 2013-present

Standing 6’11” and weighing 242 pounds, Giannis Antetokounmpo has a “freakish” blend of size, speed, and skill. After being drafted in 2013 out of Athens, Greece, he was quickly dubbed “Greek Freak” largely because people struggled to pronounce his name (ah-dedo-KOON-bo), which is Nigerian in origin.

Antetokounmpo quickly made a name for himself by becoming one of the best players in the NBA. At just 26 years old, the Greek Freak is a two-time MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and he earned Finals MVP honors for powering his team to the 2021 NBA title.