20 Big Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Often Make

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1. Not RSVP-ing

If you are invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, make sure you extend the courtesy of responding to the invitation as soon as possible. The hosts need to know the number of people attending and how big a turkey to cook, among the sundry other things they have to do. And offer to bring a side dish or dessert.

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2. Not disclosing allergies

Another courtesy to extend to your hosts is to notify them of allergies or dietary concerns. Traditional Turkey Day foods contain allergens — some hosts add a broth to turkeys that has wheat starch — so letting your hosts know early on about your dietary needs is crucial.

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3. Forgetting to say you’ve gone vegan

Your diet may have changed since you last saw your hosts and you’ve become vegan or vegetarian. You should make them aware of these changes.

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4. Not offering to bring a side dish

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest meals your hosts will prepare for the year, so any offer to bring a side dish — sweet potato casserole, green beans wrapped in bacon, crispy potato snacks or Parker House rolls, for example — will be welcome.

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5. Coming empty-handed

A guest should bring something as a gesture of appreciation — a bottle of wine, a side dish, dessert or a seasonal gift like a small holiday candle — to the repast.