20 Killer Side Dishes to Ramp Up Your Thanksgiving

Source: jenifoto / iStock via Getty Images

No traditional Thanksgiving table is complete without a roasted turkey and a bevy of classic side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. Thanksgiving dinner is a ritual meal, evocative of home and family, something we can count on every November. (You might be surprised, though, at the cost of a Thanksgiving meal the year you were born.)

But who says the sides have to be the same year after year? You might want to keep some of the things people expect, and you should be respectful of the season (this is not the time of year for heirloom tomato salad), but 24/7 Tempo has put together a list of killer sides that will expand your culinary horizons and add something fresh to the menu — maybe even establishing new traditions for future feasts.

This collection of Thanksgiving dinner ideas offers dishes that are easy to prepare, and most are variations on dishes that are already on your menu, so you’re not going too far afield — just adding a taste of novelty to the proceedings. Come to think of it, while you’re at it, you could even consider one of these 12 delicious alternatives to turkey for your Thanksgiving feast.

So whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or attending as a guest and looking for a delicious dish to bring, read on for some seriously delicious Thanksgiving inspiration. You won’t find recipes here, just photographs and brief descriptions, but an online search will return recipes galore.