18 Super Dirty Spots at the Gym That Can Make You Sick

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16. Benches

FitRated.com examined the germ content on benches in gym locker rooms, finding that the average bench surface had around 8,000 colony-forming units per square inch. For context, the average toilet seat has 3,200 CFUs. Just under half of the germs found on those benches could potentially be harmful to humans.

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17. Soap dispensers

It seems counterintuitive to avoid using something that helps you stay clean, but the soap dispensers in gym locker rooms are dirty. (Have you ever cleaned a soap dispenser?) Every time you hit the top of the dispenser you leave behind whatever bacteria has been on your hands. According to some cleaning experts, that often includes fecal matter.

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18. Workout gloves

Workout gloves, in addition to helping people get a better grip on weights, can also help keep germs off your hands. But they only help keep you germ-free if they are washed regularly. Weight-lifting gloves are often made out of polyester — a material that staph bacteria can cling to.