How to Clean Your Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Sladic / Getty Images

Ever since the shelter-in-place orders were issued in much of the United States in March to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the number of miles Americans are driving has declined dramatically. For many of us, that means fewer visits to family and friends, less time commuting, virtually no school pickups, and even fewer long-distance journeys.

But we still drive for essential needs, such as going to the supermarket or seeing the doctor for medical emergencies. And every time we get in a car, we are potentially transporting the coronavirus to another location, if we aren’t taking precautions to disinfect the interiors of our cars. Here is every state’s number of at-risk adults in the coronavirus pandemic.

24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of tips on how to clean your car during the coronavirus pandemic.

Because cars are small, contained areas and the virus can exist on various surfaces found on a vehicle, it is essential that drivers act to reduce the risk of spreading it. The coronavirus is transmitted via droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales. Here are tips to prevent coronavirus and other viral infections.

Car operators need to use the proper disinfectants for surfaces as varied as rubber, plastic, leather, and metal. Most of these products might already be available in your home. The American Chemistry Council has a list of EPA-approved products. Soap and hot water is a safe option that will help reduce the spread of the virus.

The most important areas to focus on for cleaning your car frequently are areas you are most likely to touch, such as the steering wheel, door handles, radio knobs, glove compartments, and seatbelts.