50 Essential Items It’s Probably Time to Replace

Source: gpointstudio / Getty Images

People who decorate their homes following the “less is more” mantra may be onto something. Being surrounded with too much stuff may not be healthy. Studies on the effects of de-cluttering one’s space offer some evidence that it benefits mental health. Cluttered rooms are distracting, make people feel more anxious, and may contribute to insomnia.

Cleaning up a home can seem like a daunting task. But you can make the job easier if you have a list of items to get rid of, most of which can be donated or recycled.

Many household items harbor bacteria that don’t go away, even after disinfecting. Other items have no place in anyone’s home because they are toxic. They increase the risk of several health problems, including skin infections, respiratory disease, cancer, and conditions that have no obvious signs – these are 25 health symptoms people always ignore but never should

To find 50 common household items that should be replaced, 24/7 Tempo reviewed recent product information compiled by Consumer Reports, which tests products and customer satisfaction, health and safety information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has a vast library of reviews on products’ effects on human health, and other health and medical information sites. We aimed for a wide range of items — from major appliances and floor coverings to cleaning products and decorative pieces — that should either be removed completely or replaced.