Your Ultimate Guide to What’s in Season Right Now

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Although beets are fresh and in season from fall through spring, they can be enjoyed any time of year as they can be kept in storage for up to five months.

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Florida is the main U.S. grapefruit producer, with Texas and California in distant second and third places. These juicy gems are best procured between November and June, with peak production (i.e. deliciousness) between December and April.

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Known as a cold weather crop, leeks can be grown year-round in California, but are freshest from September through April.

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Although oranges are grown year-round, the seasonal specialties that Florida is known for start to peak in January. By March, many are still going strong on the shelves, including navel and blood oranges.

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Parsnips are available from October through May. Known as a cold weather crop, they can be left in the ground for winter and harvested in the spring.