The Story Behind Every NFL Mascot

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

11. Detroit Lions
>Mascot: Roary
>When mascot was debuted: 1995

Roary is a lion-costumed mascot described on the Detroit Lions website as a fun-loving lion who provides food for needy families and teaches kids the importance of character education and being active.

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12. Green Bay Packers
>Mascot: N/A
>When mascot was debuted: N/A

The Green Bay Packers, one of the oldest NFL franchises, do not have a mascot. They were named after two packing companies that eventually went out of business but the name remained.

Source: eschipul / Flickr

13. Houston Texans
>Mascot: Toro
>When mascot was debuted: 2001

According to the Houston Texans website, Toro was born on April 21, 2001, corresponding with the zodiac sign Taurus, or bull. Toro is clad in the Texans’ colors of red, white, and blue. Like many mascots, Toro has his own Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Source: U.S. Army Garrison / Hawaii Public Affairs

14. Indianapolis Colts
>Mascot: Blue
>When mascot was debuted: 2006

Blue, the blue colt who wears jersey number 00, was first introduced on Sept.17, 2006, at the Colts’ first home regular season game against the Houston Texans, which the Colts won, 43-24. The Colts were originally based in Baltimore and their name referenced the horse-breeding tradition in that area.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars
>Mascot: Jaxson de Ville
>When mascot was debuted: 1996

Jaxson de Ville has been the mascot of the Jacksonville Jaguars since their inception. The mascot wears sunglasses, a Jaguars jersey, long shorts, and black and teal sneakers and has been known to use a zip wire and bungee jump. His exuberance has gotten him into hot water and drew the ire of Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian. He also caused controversy in 2014 during the Ebola crisis when he carried a sign that said “Towels Carry Ebola,” along with a Terrible Towel, an emblem of the Jags’ opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers.