Teams Most Likely to Win the Super Bowl

As the NFL season approaches, hope springs eternal for all 32 teams. Fans are optimistic about their favorite team, whether they’re the reigning champs or worst team in the league. But not all those hopes are realistic. Only a handful of teams have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed betting odds from sports books like MGM and Westgate and expert predictions from sources like USA Today to determine the teams that are most likely to win the Super Bowl this season.

The reality of the NFL is that only some teams really stand a chance at winning the Super Bowl. Many of the worst teams lack quality players and would need years to overhaul their roster. Some franchises are run by incompetent, cheap, or disinterested owners who can’t seem to manage a successful organization, leading to years of losing and a downtrodden fanbase. These are the hardest teams to root for.

The teams with almost no shot at the Super Bowl often have something in common — new head coaches. It can take time for a coach to establish the locker room culture and scheme they want, so little is expected from coaches in their first year. New coaches almost always take over losing teams once the owner decides the previous coach was not on the path to success. These are the teams that always fire their coaches.