The Longest City Name in Every State

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> City with the longest name: Cottonwood Falls
> Population: 770

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas is located right in between Topeka and Wichita, lying just south of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. The city’s roots can be traced to the area’s first settlement in 1854. Today, Cottonwood Falls is the county seat of Chase County, which was incorporated in 1859.

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> City with the longest name: Old Brownsboro Place
> Population: 394

Old Brownsboro Place is a tiny town in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area near the Indiana border. The city with fewer than 400 people spans just 76 acres, or just over one tenth of one square mile.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Z28scrambler

> City with the longest name: French Settlement
> Population: 1,133

This town’s name, French Settlement, may sound like it draws from the rich French tradition in Louisiana, but it actually gets its name from a general store. Steamers from New Orleans on the Amite River used to stop at a general store named “French Settlement,” and the name stuck for the entire area.

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> City with the longest name: South Portland
> Population: 25,515

South Portland and Portland are two distinct cities separated by the Fore River. Incorporated in 1898, South Portland is the fourth-largest city in Maine.

Source: Famartin / Wikimedia Commons

> City with the longest name: Chevy Chase Section Three
> Population: 722

Believe it or not, Chevy Chase Section Three is this Maryland’s village full name. Though it was initially differentiated as a special taxing district over a century ago, Chevy Chase Section Three was fully incorporated in 1982. And, no, it has nothing to do with the actor. It gets its name from the Chevy Chase Land Company, which got its name from “chevauchee,” a Scottish word for a border raid.