The Best Grocery Store Chain in Every State

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36. Oklahoma
> Supermarket: Sam’s Club
> Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas
> Year founded: 1983
> Best independent grocery store: Edmond Meat House, Edmond

In its 36 years of existence, Sam’s Club has grown to encompass almost 600 locations in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), and there are also stores in Mexico, Brazil, and China. Though not specifying exact numbers, the company says that it “serves millions of members.”

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37. Oregon
> Supermarket: Fred Meyer
> Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
> Year founded: 1922
> Best independent grocery store: Cherry Sprout Produce Market, Portland

Fred Meyer, born Grubmeyer, was a German immigrant whose father ran a grocery store in Brooklyn in the late 19th century. Meyer moved to Oregon as a young man, and after some years of selling coffee to Oregon farm workers from a horse-drawn cart, he opened his first grocery store, in Portland, in 1922. Today there are more than 130 Fred Meyer markets in four states.

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38. Pennsylvania
> Supermarket: ShopRite
> Headquarters: Keasbey, New Jersey
> Year founded: 1946
> Best independent grocery store: Groceria Merante, Pittsburgh

This retailers’ coop operates 30 stores in Pennsylvania, 14 of them in Philadelphia. Acme was once the dominant chain in the City of Brotherly Love, but ShopRite superseded it in 2011. ShopRite currently has almost 300 stores, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland.

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39. Rhode Island
> Supermarket: Whole Foods Market
> Headquarters: Austin, Texas
> Year founded: 1980
> Best independent grocery store: Armando & Sons Meat Market, Providence

The quintessential millennials’ supermarket, Whole Foods — now famously owned by Amazon — is the world’s 58th-largest retailer and America’s fifth-largest supermarket company (not counting Walmart or Costco). Founded by four local business leaders in Austin, Texas, in 1980, it went on to acquire countless other natural foods chains, and now has almost 500 stores around the U.S.

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40. South Carolina
> Supermarket: Publix
> Headquarters: Lakeland, Florida
> Year founded: 1930
> Best independent grocery store: Bert’s Market, Folly Beach

This Southern chain is actively involved in community issues, being ranked in 2017 at No. 1 in nationwide giving by March of Dimes and No. 2 among Top Companies for Social Responsibility by the Harris Poll.

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