NFL Teams With the Most Expensive Ticket Prices

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

With the start of the NFL season, teams and the secondary ticket price market have set what seats will cost. Among the teams with the lowest ticket prices, all are above $300, and two are double that level, or more.

An analysis of the teams with the highest ticket prices shows that there is no relationship with the market size. The New England Patriots have the highest average NFL ticket price in the secondary market, according to TicketiQ. Boston is among the smaller markets with NFL teams. Chicago, one of the larger markets, ranks second with an average ticket price of $597 for Bears games.

But the two teams next on the list are medium-sized: Seattle, home of the Seahawks, with a price of $405, and Philadelphia, home of the Eagles, at $400. Two small markets with among the most storied teams in the NFL, and the Super Bowl trophies to tell it, are in the top 10. Pittsburgh is at $308 and Green Bay at $340. The Steelers and Packers have won 10 Super Bowl between them. Pittsburgh has six and Green Bay has four.

There is some match between ticket prices and team performance. Obviously, the Patriots are among the juggernauts of NFL history. The Bears finished first in the NFC North last year. Pittsburgh finished second in the AFC North. The Seahawks finished second in the NFC West. However, the Denver Broncos are on the list with an average ticket price of $354. They finished near the cellar of the AFC West. While team record, at least in the immediately prior season, affects ticket prices, the match is not perfect. Fans of some teams are less inclines to go to games in person — these are the sports teams running out of fans.

These are the 10 most expensive ticket prices by team for the upcoming season. Data is from TicketiQ.

Source: TicketiQ