27 of the Biggest Trends That Defined 2019

Source: White Claw

It’s not always clear why some trends catch on while others don’t, but in this day, any person with a penchant for social media can start a trend and become the face of a product or a movement.

The quickly shareable digital culture can turn anything into trends that may have not otherwise been noticed or would have probably taken a decade to develop. On the flip side, what might look like a trend could turn out to be a fad (a short-lived trend). This may be true for some of the biggest trends in
2019…but not yet.

Lifestyle trends also reveal what people are interested in and how they are trying to improve their lives. From using a mirror at home to exercise instead of going to the gym to outsourcing driving to robots, people’s preferences change all the time. Some products stick around for longer — like these everyday products invented by kids.

Some of the top trends of the year are not tangible objects. The rise of women as political leaders and using personal data to make a profit, which will continue to make headlines in 2020, are just two examples.

To determine the growing lifestyle trends for 2019, 24/7 Tempo reviewed scores of news articles, surveys, and research about certain products, health habits, and social behaviors that are becoming more common.