24 Food and Drink Trends for 2022

Source: AndreyPopov / iStock via Getty Images

It’s no news that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the restaurant industry, threatened bars and cocktail lounges with obsolescence, interrupted supermarket supply chains, and altered eating and drinking habits across the land. (Here are 20 ways the pandemic has changed restaurants for good.)

None of those challenges, however, have stopped the constant innovation in those areas. Responding to evolving tastes, technological developments, and new economic realities, the restaurant, bar, supermarket, hotel, and food and drink production industries continue to roll out new products and services, both responding to and helping to create consumer demand.

What can we expect from food and drink this year? To assemble a list of some of the more likely trends for 2022, 24/7 Tempo consulted prognostications from numerous sources, including Baum + Whiteman, Carbonate, Nation’s Restaurant News, the National Restaurant Association, the Institute of the Future, U.S. News and World Report, Deloitte, Liquor.com, Wine Enthusiast, SmartBrief, Pinterest, and Hospitality Insights.

The list includes both indisputable mega-trends (ghost kitchens and sidewalk dining are almost certainly here to stay) and minor newcomers to the scene that are likely to be more ephemeral (K-dogs, anyone?). Whatever the particulars, anyone who eats and drinks in America — and in some cases beyond our shores — will most probably encounter some, if not all, of these trends in the months to come. (Here, though, are some food trends we hope never make a comeback.)