The Most Popular Characters in ‘Sesame Street’s’ History

Source: Children's Television Workshop / Getty Images

2. Oscar the Grouch

The character was inspired by a mean waiter from a restaurant called Oscar’s Tavern in New York, according to the “”Sesame Street” Unpaved” book. The furry green monster, who is always grouchy, lives in a trash can on “Sesame Street.” Regardless, the other puppets on the street consider him a friend. This way, Oscar the Grouch’s character is a symbol of tolerance and understanding of others. The Grouch is famous for being happy when he is miserable and for hating to be alone just because then he doesn’t have anyone to annoy.

Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

1. Cookie Monster

The beloved muppet first appeared in an episode in 1969. As his name may suggest, Cookie Monster loves cookies, which kids easily identify with and may explain his popularity. His life is all about cookies. When he doesn’t have a treat, especially chocolate chip cookies, he is looking to get one. His signature song is “C Is for Cookie.” He has an alter ego named Alistair Cookie. Cookie Monster’s appetite for cookies has been toned down as a way to address the childhood obesity epidemic in the country.