The Biggest Beer Companies in the World

The Biggest Beer Companies in the World

Beer is a universal tipple. It’s produced in about 160 countries, according to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, and probably consumed in all 195 of the world’s nations (except – maybe – those 14 that ban alcohol). It is almost certainly the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth – the Sumerians were drinking it as early as 4,000 B.C. – and remains the most popular by far, as well as the third most popular beverage of any kind after water and tea. (Thirsty? These are America’s most delicious beers.)

The world’s largest producer of beer is China, whose yearly output is almost twice that of the second-place country – the good old U.S.A. (Brazil comes third.) Not surprisingly, considering the size of its population, China also consumes the most beer in total – though its per capita rate puts it down around 45th or 46th place. (The Czech Republic holds the No. 1 spot per capita.)

When it comes to individual producers, 11 of the 25 biggest beer companies are headquartered in Asia (12 if you count Turkey, which is partly Asian), and four of those are in China. 

To assemble a list of the top 25 breweries or brewery groups in the world, 24/7 Tempo reviewed “The 40 Biggest Beer Companies in the World in 2023” published by VinePair, the largest digital media company producing content on beer, wine, and spirits. VinePair sourced its data from BarthHass, a German enterprise that supplies almost a third of the world’s hops to brewers. Information on major brands came from the company websites.

Besides Asia, Europe and both North and South America are represented on the list. The first-place company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, which produces about twice as much beer annually as second-place Heineken, is headquartered in Belgium – but its best-known brands are all-American, including Budweiser, Michelob, and Busch. (As the antithesis to big international brands, here’s a list of the best local beer from every state.)

While only one German firm placed in the top 25, Germany was represented by six companies on the full list of 40 producers – more than any other country.

It should be noted that our listing of the major brands produced by each company is far from complete in most cases, and that partnerships, minority interests, regional licensing agreements, and other factors mean that many of the beer companies appearing here are intertwined in various ways. San Miguel from the Philippines, for instance, licensed an enterprise in Spain to produce beer under its name, and the two San Miguels appear here as separate companies. Chile’s Compañía de las Cervecerías Unidas produces Heineken in South America as well as importing and distributing other noted brands.

Source: Ludovic Péron / Wikimedia Commons

25. Swinkels Family Brewers
> Headquarters: Netherlands
> Annual output: 211 million gallons
> Major brands: Bavaria, La Trappe, Palm, Claro

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

24. Suntory
> Headquarters: Japan
> Annual output: 214 million gallons
> Major brands: Jun-nama

Source: Absolutelyandrea / Wikimedia Commons

23. Chang (ThaiBev)
> Headquarters: Thailand
> Annual output: 230 million gallons
> Major brands: Chang

Source: cavenagh / Flickr

22. Radeberger Gruppe
> Headquarters: Germany
> Annual output: 291 million gallons
> Major brands: Dortmunder, Berliner Pilsener

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

21. S.A. Damm
> Headquarters: Spain
> Annual output: 336 million gallons
> Major brands: Estrella Damm, Vol-Damm

Source: kk / Flickr

20. Pearl River (Zhujiang)
> Headquarters: China
> Annual output: 354 million gallons
> Major brands: Pearl River

19. Singha Corporation
> Headquarters: Thailand
> Annual output: 386 million gallons
> Major brands: Singha

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

18. (tie) Grupo Mahou – San Miguel
> Headquarters: Spain
> Annual output: 404 million gallons
> Major brands: Mahou, San Miguel (Spain)

Source: dzika_mrowka / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

17. (tie) Sabeco (Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp.)
> Headquarters: Vietnam
> Annual output: 404 million gallons
> Major brands: Saigon, 333

Source: Siren-Com / Wikimedia Commons

16. San Miguel Corporation
> Headquarters: Philippines
> Annual output: 460 million gallons
> Major brands: San Miguel

Source: Diegoph / Wikimedia Commons

15. Compañía de las Cervecerías Unidas
> Headquarters: Chile
> Annual output: 465
> Major brands: Cristal, Heineken, plus Budweiser, Tecate, Blue Moon, etc. as a distributor

Source: Joel Carillet / Getty Images

14. Guinness (Diageo)
> Headquarters: Ireland
> Annual output: 631 million gallons
> Major brands: Guinness, Kaliber, Harp, Smithwick’s

Source: quinnanya / Flickr

13. Kirin
> Headquarters: Japan
> Annual output: 645 million gallons
> Major brands: Kirin

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

12. Group Pétropolis
> Headquarters: Brazil
> Annual output: 687 million gallons
> Major brands: Itaipava, Crystal

Source: monticelllo / Getty Images

11. Constellation Brands
> Headquarters: USA
> Annual output: 877 million gallons
> Major brands: Corona, Modelo

Source: pokpok / Flickr

10. Efes Group
> Headquarters: Turkey
> Annual output: 34.0/898 million gallons
> Major brands: Efes

Source: hmcharg / Flickr

9. Yanjing
> Headquarters: China
> Annual output: 996 million gallons
> Major brands: Yanjing

Source: Matthew Black / Wikimedia Commons

8. BGI/Group Castel
> Headquarters: France
> Annual output: 1.2 billion gallons
> Major brands: Flag, Castel

Source: pokpok / Flickr

7. Asahi Group
> Headquarters: Japan
> Annual output: 1.6 billion gallons
> Major brands: Asahi, Grolsch, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell

Source: BeeBright / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

6. Tsingtao Brewery Group
> Headquarters: China
> Annual output: 2.1 billion gallons
> Major brands: Tsingtao

Source: JL Images / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

5. Molson Coors
> Headquarters: USA/Canada
> Annual output: 2.2 billion gallons
> Major brands: Coors, Molson, Miller, Yuengling, Blue Moon

Source: lleerogers / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

4. Carlsberg Group
> Headquarters: Denmark
> Annual output: 2.7 billion gallons
> Major brands: Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg

Source: Yoshi Canopus / Wikimedia Commons

3. China Resources Snow Breweries
> Headquarters: China
> Annual output: 3.3 billion gallons
> Major brands: Snow

Source: Getty Images / Getty Images

2. Heineken
> Headquarters: Netherlands
> Annual output: 6.8 billion gallons
> Major brands: Heineken, Amstel, Moretti, Cruz Campo, Pelforth

Source: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev
> Headquarters: Belgium
> Annual output: 13.7 billion gallons
> Major brands: Budweiser, Michelob, Rolling Rock, Busch, Stella Artois, Pacifico

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