The 75 Most Popular Beers Among Millennials

Source: ViewApart / Getty Images

Millennials have a reputation for being beer snobs. They’ve been credited with bolstering the craft beer movement, preferring the adventurous realm of flavorful micro-brews over dad’s favorite lager. It’s no surprise then that the most popular beer amongst millennials is the summertime classic Blue Moon — a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with coriander and orange peel. (In the market for more refreshing drink ideas? Here are 21 classic summer cocktails to beat the heat.)

What else are 25-to-40-year-olds drinking these days? Using a ranking of beer brands by the international research and analytics firm YouGov, 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of the 75 most popular beers among millennials. Popularity is determined by the percentage of adults in the pertinent age category who have heard of the beer brand. We also included from YouGov the percentage who have a positive opinion of the beer brand.

While major-label pilsners like Bud Light and Miller still rank amongst the top choices, millennial tastes have proven to be more variable than those of baby boomers. Brands like Shock Top, Fat Tire, and Redd’s Apple Ale appear in the top 20. (Another top 20 listing, White Claw, isn’t actually a beer — it’s a hard seltzer, a category of beverages that has become insanely popular in recent years. Another hard cider, Bon & Viv, appears at No. 58.)

Although some dominant craft beer brands like Sierra Nevada weren’t included in the ranking, other craft breweries like Founders, Dogfish Head, and Lagunitas appear on the list. Differences in regional availability may affect the survey results, as some beers aren’t widely distributed in certain states. Here is the best beer in every state.