The 15 Most Popular Food Orders in America

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10. Nachos

Half of the top ten most often ordered items in this report were Mexican (more or less), and DoorDash notes that the category grew more than any other this year over 2018 — an increase of 314%.

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9. Taco salad

According to Mexican food expert Gustavo Arellano, the first version of this popular dish was invented at Casa de Fritos, a restaurant at Disneyland, in 1955. It was called the Ta-Cup, a name that very well might not have earned it a place on this list.

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8. Spicy chicken wrap

If a chicken BLT is basically a club sandwich, isn’t a spicy chicken wrap basically a burrito? Somehow, though, “spicy chicken wrap” sounds healthier.

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7. Chicken noodle soup

It would be interesting to learn whether sales of this ultimate comfort food spiked during cold and flu season, since this comfort-food classic is well-known for its healing properties.

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6. Cobb salad

There are several origin stories for this popular salad, but the usual version credits it to restaurateur Robert Cobb of L.A.’s Brown Derby back in 1937. If he’d known how popular it was going to become, maybe he would have patented it and not just named it for himself.