Popular Bougie Slang No One Else Understands

Popular Bougie Slang No One Else Understands

How do you communicate with your friends when you’re in casual settings? Some people lean on bougie slang to communicate with people they socialize with. You don’t have to worry about keeping things super formal when you’re enjoying brunch, chilling at rooftop lounges, ordering pizza over the phone, or hanging out in your friend’s living room. By that same token, the way you speak should certainly be a little more dignified when you’re in professional settings like job interviews or business meetings.

A few other places where bougie slang would never be acceptable include strictly religious church services, upscale galas, college speeches, and academic seminars. As long as you feel comfortable enough to say what’s on your mind in casual settings, it’s perfectly fine for words from your bougie slang dictionary to roll off your tongue. Keep in mind that bougie slang lingo isn’t solely reserved for the Gen-Z generation. It isn’t even set aside for Millennials alone, either. People of all ages should feel welcome to use whatever terminology they prefer.

Why not expand your vocabulary by adding a few fun and playful words to your internal list? Interestingly enough, the Oxford dictionary adds several new words to their lineup every year. To be more specific, an estimated 800 to 1,000 new words are added annually. As it’s always been with every growing generation, the way people speak to each other will continually evolve. This is great news for folks who consider themselves to be English literature aficionados. On the topic of slang words, click here to read up on the phrases from Texas that only Texans would understand.


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Shot of young woman relaxing at homehttp://

When you’re “vibing,” you’re relaxing.

Someone who’s “vibing” is someone living a relaxed life without many troubles coming their way. When someone claims they’re “just vibing,” it means they’ve tapped into a chill and positive state of mind. They’ve reached a level of contentedness and they’re simply enjoying the atmosphere around them.


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“Basic” often describes poor fashion choices.

When it comes to bougie slang, someone who’s “basic” is a boring individual who doesn’t have much going for them. They usually don’t have much to offer when it comes to their fashion or sense of style. If you’re basic, that means your style is primitive, weak, and unimpressive. This is a common way to describe someone who hasn’t elevated beyond the most fundamental levels of fashion.

Beige flag

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Having a “beige flag” isn’t as bad as a red flag.

When people list off the red flags they notice in people, it means they’re listing off all of the serious problems they see in a person. A “beige flag,” on the other hand, is the way you’d describe something that’s a slight bit questionable, yet not a total dealbreaker. An example of a red flag would be finding out someone has a history of cheating on their romantic partners. An example of a beige flag would be noticing a quirky detail like someone who eats pizza with a fork or chooses to wear sunglasses inside.


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Saying someone “ate” is a high compliment.

When you tell someone they “ate,” it means they just did something that really impressed you. The longer version of this slang comes into play when someone says, “You ate and left no crumbs.” This is a respectable compliment if someone loves the way you’ve done your hair, completed a project, or put together an outfit. It’s also something you’d say to someone who just clapped back against a hater by standing up for themselves with an iconic response.


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Elderly people who are out of touch are labeled “cheugy.”

You know you should make some lifestyle changes if someone describes you as “cheugy.” This bougie slang term negatively describes something outdated about the way you live. It might refer to the way you style your hair or the type of outfits you wear. It might refer to the way you talk or how out of touch members of the younger generation think you are.


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Your “drip” is your outfit – especially if it looks good.

Your “drip” describes your taste in fashion and your sense of style. If your drip is on point, it means your outfit looks good. When someone calls your outfit your drip, it doesn’t always mean they approve of it, though. This is a simply way to describe your aesthetic.

Go off

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When you “go off,” you speak your piece.

If you hear someone say “go off,” it simply means they’re ready to hear you out for whatever is on your mind. If you’re already in the middle of a tangent or vent session, there’s a chance you’ll hear someone chime in with a “go off” as a way of encouraging you to continue.

Roman Empire

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Your “Roman Empire” is something you can’t stop thinking about.

You can define whatever your “Roman Empire” is by analyzing what you think about most often and most deeply. Your Roman Empire is something that consumes your thoughts more often than it probably should. Some people admit that their personal Roman Empires are broken friendships from middle school or cringeworthy scenes from movies they watched decades ago.


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You’re obsessed with something if it’s living “rent-free” in your head.

If something is living “rent-free” in your head, it means you’re spending way too much time obsessing over it. When someone accuses you of letting them live “rent-free” in your head, it’s their way of saying you need to stop being so obsessed with them and find other focuses.


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Being “extra” means you need to calm down.

Being told that you’re to “extra” is someone’s way of telling you that your energy is a little overwhelming. It means you do too much. It’s the bougie slang way of telling you to probably chill out a little bit, relax, and start showcasing a more low-key attitude around others.


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If you’re called “delulu,” you’re delusional.

Being “delulu” means you’re being delusional. This bougie slang term isn’t always inherently meant to be insulting, by the way. Some people who are delulu are focused on manifesting positive outcomes in their realities. Others who are delulu are completely out of touch with reality.


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Food that’s “bussin'” tastes wonderful.

“Bussin'” is a slang term that describes something that’s extremely excellent. Most commonly, bussin’ is used to describe a plate of delicious food. Someone chowing down on their favorite meal might exclaim, “This grilled cheese is bussin’!” The word can be used to describe anything exhibiting excellence, though.


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Being “shook” simply means you’re shocked.

When your “shook” it means you’re completely shocked and blown away by something that just occurred. Being shook is something that can be both positive or negative. The same way you might be surprised by bad news, you might be equally as surprised by good news.

Girl math

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“Girl math” is a funny way to describe bad spending habits from women.

“Girl math” is a term coined by social media users as a bougie slang phrase. In the world of girl math, spending cash isn’t really spending because it doesn’t count unless you’re swiping your credit card. In the world of girl math, buying something on sale is a form of saving money. Girl math is meant to be funny, but it’s truly used to justify questionable purchases and spending habits by women.

Boy math

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“Boy math” describes bad financial decisions from men.

“Boy math” is a term that was created as a direct response to “girl math”  Examples of boy math are men who are scared of gold diggers when they don’t even have a financial leg to stand on in the first place. Another example of boy math is fighting for full custody of their children instead of paying a few hundred dollars per month in child support.

Caught in 4K
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When you’re “caught in 4K” it means someone has called you out for something messed up you did – and they have receipts. If someone has receipts, it means they have proof of what you’ve done. They might have screenshots of text messages you sent or something similar.

Chronically online

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Depressed woman at home text messaging

Being “chronically online” is emotionally toxic.

Being “chronically online” means you spend way too much time on the internet. It means you don’t know what goes on in the real world because you’re so swept away by online interactions. Being chronically online is incredibly unhealthy for your emotions. It’s something that should be avoided at all cost.

Hold this L

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If you “hold this L,” it means you just took a loss.

If someone tells you to “hold this L” it means they noticed you thoroughly embarrass yourself or they saw you take a loss. Another similar and related phrase would be “take an L,” which means you just publicly lost at something. Someone telling you to hold an L simply means they’re acknowledging that you just failed in one way or another.

It’s giving

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If someone ays “it’s giving” to you, they love your style.

When someone tells you “it’s giving” they’re giving you one of the highest forms of a compliment. They don’t even have to finish the sentence to let you know that you’re totally killing it in whatever area they’re referring to. Your trendy outfit might be “giving,” for example.


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Taylor Swift has millions of “Stans.”

If you classify as a “Stan” for someone, it means you’re a huge fan of them. Stanning for someone means you’re absolutely obsessed and willing to show them all your support. This word is often used when referring to popular celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, or Selena Gomez. Claiming you’re a Taylor Stan means you adore all of her music.

Touch grass

Cute ginger Siberian cat sitting beside a plant pot with fresh green grass
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“Touch grass” means you need to get a life.

“Touch grass” is a phrase that goes hand-in-hand with “chronically online.” It’s something you’d say to another person who spends way too much time on the internet. Whether they’re on social media, scrolling through chat rooms, or reading random forums, it’s time for them to go outside and touch some grass if they haven’t for a while.

Can’t even

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“Can’t even” is short for “I can’t deal with that!”

If you “can’t even” means you’re physically unable to deal with something. It’s the shortened way of saying, “I can’t even deal with that.” Someone will say they “can’t even” when they’re totally overwhelmed, disgusted, or shocked by something. An example? “Your sister was three hours late to your wedding? I can’t even!”


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A “simp” is someone who adores their partner.

Being called a “simp” shouldn’t be as offensive as it is. This word is usually used to describe men who are head over heels in love with their female partners. Although plenty of women think it’s sweet for a man to simp over them, it’s considered embarrassing for a man to be called that by his buddies.


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Saying “bet” means you agree.

When someone says “bet” they’re saying “for sure.” It’s a simple way of responding to a question or statement from another person in agreement. If someone were to tell you they want to invite you out for the weekend, you can respond by saying “bet” to accept.


Dark podcast talk show with red neon lights from behind the camera
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Your “POV” is your point of view.

When you see “POV” written on social media, it means “point of view.” Since this term has grown so popular on apps like TikTok and Instagram, people have started saying POV in the real world as well. It’s what you’d say when you’re showing other people your perspective about something.

Say less

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“Say less” means you agree right away.

When someone says “say less” it means they already understand the point you’re trying ti make. An example would be someone rattling off details about their upcoming honeymoon celebration. Instead of listening to them endlessly talking, you can tell them to “say less” because you’re already on the same page with them.

That slaps

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“That slaps” means something is amazing.

“That slaps” means something is undeniably excellent. This is a phrase you can throw out when you’re eating a meal that’s absolutely delicious. It’s something to say if you’re listening to a song from your favorite musician for the first time. It’s something you can say if you’re admiring a piece of artwork from one of your most talented friends.

Wig snatched

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“Wig snatched” means you’re totally stunned.

If someone says the phrase “wig snatched,” it means they were totally shocked and blown away. After all, the act of snatching someone’s wig is a shocking thing to do. When people talk about an exciting moment using the term analogy, that’s the imagery they’re trying to create.

The ick

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Getting “the ick” means your partner is turning you off.

If someone says they’ve gotten “the ick,” it means they’re getting turned off by their a romantic partner. The ick can come from getting grossed out by someone’s inability to close their mouth while they chew, their decision to always wear mismatched socks, or their lack of hygiene. The ick can come from anywhere.

Altered my brain chemistry

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Something that “altered your brain chemistry” changed the way you think about something.

The phrase “altered my brain chemistry” gained traction on TikTok and Instagram among young people. Now, young adults use this phrase in real life. When this phrase is used, it means something noteworthy or iconic occurred in their life. The event that happened, whatever it was, was so significant that it seemingly “altered your brain chemistry.”


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“NPC” people are stuck in the system.

Being described as an “NPC” is not a compliment. It means that you’re stuck in the system, part of the matrix, and incapable of elevation. NPCs are thought of as small-minded people aren’t critical thinkers. NPCs rarely ever understand the realm of spirituality.


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Lana Del Rey is called “mother” by her fans.

The word “mother” is often used to describe talented female celebrities with fan bases who adore them. An example of this would be Lana Del Rey. Her fans often refer to her as their mother, even though she’s only in her late 30s and the majority of her fans are in their 20s.

Golden retriever and black cat love

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“Golden retriever and black cat love” describes relationship dynamics.

Dating coaches on social media have been talking about “golden retriever and black cat love” for quite some time now. This phrase is meant to describe a relationship that includes someone with golden retriever energy dating a partner who has black cat energy. The person who acts like a golden retriever is more of a people pleaser while the person who acts like a black cat is constantly aloof and detached.

Canon event

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“Canon events” are always life-changing and unforgettable.

A “canon event” in your life is something unforgettable, life-changing, and iconic. Sometimes, a canon event is something that was totally toxic. Regardless of where it falls on the scale of good or bad, it’s a core memory that changed the trajectory of your life in a significant manner. One example of negative canon events is the moment a person agrees to a first date with a partner who ends up being abusive.


Wedding cake
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If you have “cake,” you have a plump bottom.

The word “cake” is used to describe a plump backside on a woman. Rihanna released an entire song called “Cake” featuring Chris Brown back in 2011 as part of her “Talk That Talk” album. The message of the song was to reference the physiques of women. This word is used to describe women who are bodacious and voluptuous.

Do it for the plot

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“Do it for the plot” if you’re trying to keep it interesting.

If someone tells you to “do it for the plot,” they’re telling you to do something to make your life more interesting. Many young adults consider the lives they live to be movie plots where they serve as the main characters. If you’re doing it for the plot, you’re keeping life more compelling and giving others a reason to be enticed when interacting with you.

Gagged me

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Saying “gagged me” means you’re impressed.

When someone says you “gagged me,” it means you left them totally speechless. This is something a person will say if they’re paying you a positive compliment. A few times when this bougie slang would be acceptable would be one talking about someone who did a great job during a talent show, someone who showed up to brunch in a stunning outfit, or someone who just won money at a casino.


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“Tea” is another word for gossip.

When someone mentions “tea” in a casual setting, they’re often referring to gossip. As far as bougie slang goes, mentioning tea is a playful way to let your friends know that you’ve got something juicy to talk about. The longer phrase for this word is “spilling the tea.” It simply means you’ve got some jaw-dropping and potentially provocative story details to unload.


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Getting “ratio’d” means you’ve gotten more negative than positive feedback.

If you’ve been “ratio’d” on social media, it means that there are more negative comments than positive comments on something you posted. It also means you’ve received more unlikes than likes. This bougie slang would apply in real life if you planned a birthday party for yourself and only three out of 20 people showed up. An empty birthday bash would be a prime example of you getting ratio’d in the real world.

Throw shade

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“Throwing shade” means hurling insults.

If you were to “throw shade” at someone, it would mean you’re criticizing them behind their back or to their face. Throwing shade is a common thing to do among people who are feuding with each other. This is how you’d describe the act of hurling insults at your enemy. Now that we’ve gone through some of the most popular bougie slang most people wouldn’t understand, click here to uncover Irish slang and phrases that leave Americans totally confused.

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