Fashion Trends Only 90s Kids Will Remember

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6. Capri pants

Back in the ’90s, if you didn’t want to wear shorts but also didn’t feel like wearing long trousers, you probably settled for capri pants. They were also called three-quarter legs and their length usually ended just above the ankle or below the knee.

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7. Chain wallets

Chaining wallets to one’s pants was very popular thanks to the ’90s grunge style. Chain wallets were rising in popularity again around 2016.

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8. Combat boots

Combat boots are among the few wardrobe staples that have remained popular after they became popular in the ’90s.

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9. Cargo pants

Cargo pants experienced a boom in the ’90s. These large pants were very comfortable and had many pockets, which meant plenty of room for anything you needed to bring with you — no bags needed.

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10. Fanny packs

Fanny packs are mostly associated with tourists nowadays, but it wasn’t that long ago when it seemed like everybody had one. People either love them or hate them. As Jerry Seinfeld told George Costanza in a ’90s “Seinfeld” episode: “Looks like your belt is digesting a small animal.”