Fall Fashion Trends That Should Come Back

Source: Thierry Chesnot / Getty Images

Fashion trends, as cyclical as they are, can fizzle out, but sometimes come back. Some retro styles are even better the second time around. They can return in a big way, go mainstream, and even stay trendy for years.

Fashion is not rocket science. It depends on people’s taste, which can change monthly, and sometimes on people’s whims, which can change even more often. What’s “cool” or haute couture can vary from day to day.

“Young people want to preserve what’s already been made – they want to make a contribution to the world,” said Diane Maglio, Chair of the Fashion Department at Berkeley College New York. “If the item is sustainable and it looks good on them and suits their individual style – then they will add it to their wardrobe.”

The biggest trend is sustainable fashion. “Consumers and retailers are focused on how to reuse, recycle, remarket, and re-commerce items,” Maglio continued. “Young people are more about the reusing than the styling.”

Sometimes what’s cool is based on the name of the brand. The most popular designers are names familiar even to those who are not fashionistas. Some are icons whose fame has transcended the fashion world. These are the most popular fashion designers of all time.

Trends have no single source. Their origins can be traced to movies, street culture and social movements. Artistic creativity flourishes under various circumstances — when people take risks or when they are open-minded and determined. Before something is called a trend, it often matters who is wearing the clothes, not so much what they are – here are America’s most popular fashion influencers.

To compile a list of 23 fashion trends from the past, 24/7 Tempo reviewed dozens of online media articles and other sources that specialize in fashion. To decide which ones should or are already making a comeback, we consulted fashion experts and used editorial discretion.