Al Pacino’s 18 Best Starring Roles

Source: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

If there’s one word to describe Al Pacino’s 54-year acting career, it’s “crime.” The 80-year-old actor has thrived playing both mob bosses and police detectives with an explosive flair.

After a stage career beginning in 1967, Pacino won his first starring movie role as a heroin addict in the 1971 film “The Panic in Needle Park.” From that role to his portrayal of Jimmy Hoffa in Michael Scorcese’s “The Irishman” in 2019, Pacino’s film career has highlighted complicated men and their struggles with crime and conscience. Here are movie roles that launched Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The ranking is based on an index of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings. IMdb is an online movie database owned by Amazon. Rotten Tomatoes is an online movie and TV review aggregator. Only the roughly 5,000 feature films with 25,000 reviews or more on IMDb were considered for this analysis. Each movie’s domestic box office was obtained from The Numbers, an online movie database owned by consulting firm Nash Information Services.

In early March, Pacino started filming “House of Gucci,” co-starring Lady Gaga and directed by Ridley Scott, in Italy. Pacino plays the role of Aldo Gucci, head of the Gucci empire from 1953 to 1986, when he was sentenced to prison briefly for tax evasion.

Based on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings, 24/7 Tempo assembled a list of the best movies starring Al Pacino. Among these are three directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and two each by directors Sidney Lumet, Brian De Palma, and Michael Mann. (See who won the Oscar for best director the year you were born.)