50 Basic Cooking Tips You Should Memorize

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Curve your fingers down when slicing vegetables

If your knuckles are resting against the side of the blade, the blade can’t cut you.

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Don’t crowd the pan

Whether you’re searing meat or sauteing vegetables, leaving space between pieces allows them to brown and crisp. Crowding leads to soggy, steamed food.

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Clean as you go

You’ll thank yourself later. It saves space, time, and muscle if you wash dishes as you use them or at least soak them while you cook.

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Use the right tool or pan for the job

If you stir-fry often, get a wok. Peel a lot of vegetables? Invest in a y-shaped peeler. Frost cakes? Get an offset spatula. Tools can be relatively cheap and save you a lot of time and frustration.

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Store ginger root in the freezer

Ginger often dries out before we have used most of it. Keep it in the freezer and grate it directly into your dish.