The Oldest Hotel in Every State

The Oldest Hotel in Every State

Want to time-travel on your next vacation? Staying at the oldest hotel in whichever state you’re visiting will do the trick, offering at least a glimpse of an earlier era. From colonial inns to grand railway hotels from the Gilded Age, the U.S. is home to many historic lodgings filled with character and with tales to tell. (For lodging history of a more recent sort, check these classic images of motels with a vintage vibe.)

24/7 Tempo has attempted to discover the oldest hotel in every state, using a variety of state and local tourism and historical websites, as well as those maintained by various hotels themselves.

It’s difficult to come up with a list that’s both definitive and authoritative. Many of the establishments that are now hotels began as private residences, taverns, even bordellos, and the exact year they were first built, or first welcomed overnight guests, is often vague or disputed.

In addition, these historic hotels have inevitably undergone numerous transformations throughout the years. Typically, their architecture and decor have been updated, they have changed ownership multiple times, some may have closed down completely for various periods, and a few have even been completely rebuilt. (These are the original locations of famous restaurants you can still go to.)

Nonetheless, the hotels mentioned here all have verifiable links back to their origins, however much they may have changed or evolved, and every one of them will offer a taste of the past.

Source: Chris Pruitt / Wikimedia Commons

> Hotel: Redmont Hotel
> Location: Birmingham
> First opened in: 1925

Source: Courtesy of Alaskan Hotel and Bar via Facebook

> Hotel: Alaskan Hotel
> Location: Juneau
> First opened in: 1913

Source: schoeters / Flickr

> Hotel: The Grand Canyon Hotel
> Location: Williams
> First opened in: 1891

Source: Courtesy of The Capital Hotel via Facebook

> Hotel: Capital Hotel
> Location: Little Rock
> First opened in: 1873

Source: Courtesy of Groveland Hotel via Facebook

> Hotel: The Groveland Hotel
> Location: Groveland
> First opened in: 1849

Source: Courtesy of Cliff House at Pikes Peak via Facebook

> Hotel: Cliff House at Pikes Peak
> Location: Manitou
> First opened in: 1873

Source: Courtesy of 1754 House Restaurant & Tavern via Facebook

> Hotel: 1754 House
> Location: Woodbury
> First opened in: 1754

Source: Courtesy of The Inn at Montchanin Village & Spa via Facebook

> Hotel: The Inn at Montchanin Village & Spa
> Location: Wilmington
> First opened in: 1799

Source: csfotoimages / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

> Hotel: The Florida Inn
> Location: Fernandina Beach
> First opened in: 1857

Source: watts_photos / Flickr

> Hotel: River Street Inn
> Location: Savannah
> First opened in: 1817

Source: warrenlemay / Flickr

> Hotel: Moana Hotel
> Location: Honolulu
> First opened in: 1901

Source: Courtesy of Idaho Hotel via Facebook

> Hotel: Idaho Hotel
> Location: Silver City
> First opened in: 1863

Source: Courtesy of The Historic Rose Hotel via Facebook

> Hotel: The Historic Rose Hotel
> Location: Elizabethtown
> First opened in: 1812

Source: golf_pictures / Flickr

> Hotel: French Lick Springs Hotel
> Location: French Lick
> First opened in: 1845

Source: davidwilson1949 / Flickr

> Hotel: Hotel Julien Dubuque
> Location: Dubuque
> First opened in: 1839

Source: Courtesy of Historic Elgin Hotel via Facebook

> Hotel: Elgin Hotel
> Location: Marion
> First opened in: 1886

Source: amanderson / Flickr

> Hotel: The Old Talbott Tavern
> Location: Bardstown
> First opened in: 1779

Source: Courtesy of Hotel Maison de Ville via Yelp

> Hotel: Hotel Maison de Ville
> Location: New Orleans
> First opened in: 1788

Source: Courtesy of The Down Easter Inn via Facebook

> Hotel: Down Easter Inn (currently closed and for sale)
> Location: Damariscotta
> First opened in: Circa 1850

Source: aimintang / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

> Hotel: The Maryland Inn
> Location: Annapolis
> First opened in: 1772

Source: Jay_Yuan / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

> Hotel: Wayside Inn
> Location: Sudbury
> First opened in: 1716

Source: fotoguy49057 / Flickr

> Hotel: The National House Inn
> Location: Marshall
> First opened in: 1835

Source: teemu08 / Flickr

> Hotel: Anderson House Hotel
> Location: Wabasha
> First opened in: 1856

> Hotel: Monmouth Historic Inn
> Location: Natchez
> First opened in: 1818

Source: Courtesy of The Elms Hotel and Spa via Facebook

> Hotel: The Elms Hotel and Spa
> Location: Excelsior Springs
> First opened in: 1888

> Hotel: Grand Union Hotel
> Location: Fort Benton
> First opened in: 1882

Source: Courtesy of Historic Argo Hotel B&B via Facebook

> Hotel: Historic Argo Hotel
> Location: Crofton
> First opened in: 1912

Source: gchapel / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

> Hotel: Gold Hill Hotel
> Location: Virginia City
> First opened in: 1861

Source: Courtesy of Inn Dartmouth via Facebook

New Hampshire
> Hotel: Hanover Inn
> Location: Dartmouth
> First opened in: 1901

Source: Courtesy of Congress Hall, Cape May via Facebook

New Jersey
> Hotel: Congress Hall
> Location: Cape May
> First opened in: 1816

Source: benedek / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

New Mexico
> Hotel: La Fonda on the Plaza
> Location: Santa Fe
> First opened in: 1922

Source: Courtesy of Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn via Facebook

New York
> Hotel: Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn
> Location: Rhinebeck
> First opened in: 1766

Source: Courtesy of The Historic Brookstown Inn via Facebook

North Carolina
> Hotel: Brookstown Inn
> Location: Winston-Salem
> First opened in: 1837

Source: larrywkoester / Flickr

North Dakota
> Hotel: Rough Riders Hotel
> Location: Medora
> First opened in: 1884

Source: Courtesy of The Golden Lamb via Facebook

> Hotel: Golden Lamb
> Location: Lebanon
> First opened in: 1803

Source: rutlo / Flickr

> Hotel: The Skirvin Hilton
> Location: Oklahoma City
> First opened in: 1911

Source: discoveroregon / Flickr

> Hotel: Wolf Creek Inn
> Location: Wolf Creek
> First opened in: 1883

Source: Amy Sparwasser / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

> Hotel: Gettysburg Hotel
> Location: Gettysburg
> First opened in: 1797

Source: Courtesy of Graduate Providence via Facebook

Rhode Island
> Hotel: Graduate Providence
> Location: Providence
> First opened in: 1922

Source: Courtesy of Rutledge House Inn via Facebook

South Carolina
> Hotel: Rutledge House Inn
> Location: Charleston
> First opened in: 1763

Source: amanderson / Flickr

South Dakota
> Hotel: Bullock Hotel
> Location: Deadwood
> First opened in: 1895

Source: Courtesy of Hale Springs Inn via Facebook

> Hotel: Hale Springs Inn
> Location: Rogersville
> First opened in: 1824

Source: Courtesy of Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas via Facebook

> Hotel: Haunted Magnolia Hotel
> Location: Seguin
> First opened in: 1844

Source: stella12 / Flickr

> Hotel: Moore’s Old Pine Inn
> Location: Marysvale
> First opened in: 1882

Source: painterwoman / Flickr

> Hotel: Woodstock Inn
> Location: Woodstock
> First opened in: 1793

Source: SKM2000 / Wikimedia Commons

> Hotel: Williamsburg Lodge
> Location: Williamsburg
> First opened in: 1750

> Hotel: Tokeland Hotel
> Location: Tokeland
> First opened in: 1885

Source: EyeMark / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

West Virginia
> Hotel: The Greenbrier
> Location: White Sulphur Springs
> First opened in: 1778

> Hotel: Maxwell Mansion
> Location: Lake Geneva
> First opened in: 1855

Source: jmenard48 / Flickr

> Hotel: Occidental Hotel
> Location: Buffalo
> First opened in: 1880

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