The Most Famous Failed Assassinations

Detailed findings & methodology:

To find the most famous failed assassinations in history, 24/7 Tempo reviewed resources such as The History Channel, Britannica, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. We reviewed public records and news of failed assassinations from media sources such as The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

To determine how famous the attempt was, we factored in the stature of the individual, the method of the attack and the ramifications, if any, from the incident. Some of the figures on our list were targeted multiple times, such as fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Not all the people on the list are political figures. Musicians, artists, religious figures, and activists have also been targets of assassins. We also included assassination attempts such as the one made on President Bill Clinton in the Philippines in 1996 that were foiled before taking place.