Surprising Good News and Silver Linings Since the Pandemic

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16. Telehealth is surging

For months, medical offices were closed as people were advised to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. So medical appointments moved online. Virtual visits have soared more than 1,000% since late January, according to AARP. Health experts think telehealth may be here to stay as people realize it’s more convenient in some cases as patients don’t have to wait, commute to the doctor’s office, and family members can be present.

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17. Internet in homes will improve

As people have stayed home, they have relied on the internet to keep them connected — to friends, the outside world, and news. Much of everyday life has moved online as working from home, virtual happy hours, and online classes have become the norm. As internet usage goes up, providers have to make sure there is enough capacity in their networks. The Federal Communications Commission wants to augment WiFi capacity, allowing different devices to operate in the 6 GHz spectrum.

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18. Reduced underwater noise levels

Land animals are not the only ones getting a break from people while humans are in lockdown. Whales and marine wildlife are living in quieter times as reduced maritime transportation and other maritime activities have reduced underwater noise pollution. Noise dropped by about 5 decibels between Jan. 1, 2020 and April 1, 2020 in the waters around British Columbia, Canada, according to seabed observatories run by Ocean Networks Canada near the port of Vancouver. Low noise levels are linked to higher reproductive success, less migration, and lower mortality rates among maritime life.

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19. Investments towards a sustainable energy

As European countries are looking to support and boost their economies by ramping up stimulus packages to create jobs, the European Commission plans to invest hundreds of billions of euros in green development to help European Union economies recover from the coronavirus crisis. Some of the money will go to renewable energy projects and companies looking to go green.

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20. Movies and shows released earlier online

As Americans have been confined to their homes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, TV viewing and video streaming have predictably gone up. Increases vary by platform. HBO NOW reported a 40% increase in mid-March compared with its four-week average. Roku has also reported a 49% surge in streaming on its platform in the first quarter. New movies, including “Just Mercy,” “Bad Boys For Life,” “Trolls: World Tour,” and “Capone” were, or will be, released online earlier than planned.