Take a Look at the Official Pets and Animals of Every State

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36. Oklahoma
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): Buffalo, raccoon, white-tailed deer, Mexican free-tailed bat
> State bird: Scissor-tailed flycatcher, wild turkey,
> State fish and aquatic life: White bass

The raccoon has been the official fur-bearing animal of Oklahoma since 1989. Oklahoma also has an official state animal, the buffalo; an official game animal, the white-tailed deer; and an official flying mammal, the Mexican free-tailed bat. The raccoon is equally at home in rural and urban areas and will eat almost anything.

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37. Oregon
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): Beaver
> State bird: Western meadowlark
> State fish and aquatic life: Dungeness crab, chinook salmon

Oregon’s official state animal is the beaver, which is no surprise as it’s nicknamed “The Beaver State.” The official state fish is the Chinook, which is the largest of the Pacific salmon. Oregon’s salmon may roam far from their home state. They hatch in freshwater, migrate to the ocean, and eventually return to the stream where they were born to spawn, sometimes covering thousands of miles in the process.

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38. Pennsylvania
> State pet: Great Dane
> State mammal(s): White-tailed deer
> State bird: Ruffed grouse
> State fish and aquatic life: Brook trout

Pennsylvania’s official state dog is the Great Dane. It has long been used as a hunting and working dog, and William Penn, after whom the state is named, had one. It’s a big, strong dog — it can be almost 3 feet tall and weigh more than many humans — but is easygoing and makes a great pet. Despite its name, the breed actually originated in Germany, not Denmark.

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39. Rhode Island
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): harbor seal
> State bird: Rhode Island Red
> State fish and aquatic life: Striped bass, quahaug, harbor seal

The harbor seal is one of the most recent entrants on our list — it became the official marine mammal of Rhode Island in 2016. Harbor seals are found along the Atlantic Coast from Maine to as far south as North Carolina, but they only breed in the northerly waters. Though it is the smallest state, Rhode Island, nicknamed the Ocean State, has an extensive coastline and numerous harbors.

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40. South Carolina
> State pet: Boykin spaniel
> State mammal(s): White-tailed deer, mule, bottlenose dolphin
> State bird: Carolina wren, wild turkey, wood duck
> State fish and aquatic life: Striped bass

The Boykin spaniel became the official state animal of South Carolina in 1985. Named after L.W. “Whit” Boykin, it was first bred in the early 1900s to hunt ducks and wild turkeys in the state’s swampy terrain. Conditions there required a rugged dog that could retrieve birds on land and water and could fit in a small boat.