Secret Off-the-Menu Items to Order at Your Favorite Chains

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16. Wendy’s: Barnyard burger

Another item that’s very much an open secret, this is a hefty overdo-it-yourself sandwich involving alternating layers of burger, bacon, cheese, and spicy chicken filet.

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17. Five Guys: Patty melt

This classic burger variation doesn’t show up very often on chain restaurant menus, but at Five Guys, you can make your own. Just ask for a grilled cheese sandwich (served on a griddled inside-out bun) and add a burger patty and grilled onions.

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18. Dairy Queen: Root beer float

One of the most popular “secret” Dairy Queen offerings, this is just a traditional float, consisting of vanilla ice cream in a cup filled with root beer.

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19. Taco Bell: Double grilled quesadilla

Order a steak or chicken quesadilla and ask for it to be double-grilled. The process crisps up the exterior so that it’s almost like eating a large, flat taco.

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20. Chick-fil-A: Fried chicken club

The regular menu here offers a perfectly good chicken club sandwich, a piece of grilled chicken breast with Colby Jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a multigrain brioche bun. What could make it better? Ask for it with a piece of crispy golden-brown fried chicken breast instead.