Most Hated Pro-Wrestling Champions

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25. The Undertaker
> Most Hated Wrestler of the Year awards: 2
> WWE debut: 1993
> WWE appearances: 584
> Daily avg. Wikipedia page views: 8,789

The Undertaker is the longest tenured wrestler on the current WWE roster. He introduced to the world his iconic funeral dirge, dark trench coat and hat, and slow, ominous gait at his WWE debut in 1990. Undertaker has garnered audience praise as both hero and villain in his long career and set a record 21-win streak at “WrestleMania” from 1991 to 2013. The Undertaker was burned alive in the 1998 “Royal Rumble” but some of his more infamous moments came after his resurrection. He crucified “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at a December 1998 edition of “Raw” and threw Mick Foley from the top of the the 15-foot-high Hell in a Cell cage — one of the most brutal moments in sports entertainment.

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24. Bret Hart
> Most Hated Wrestler of the Year awards: 2
> WWE debut: 1993
> WWE appearances: 168
> Daily avg. Wikipedia page views: 3,205

Bret “The Hitman” Hart entered professional wrestling as a face. He was able to bring the technical style from his days in amateur competition to the squared circle. Hart made a memorable heel turn in a March 1997 match with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. “The Hitman” used heel tactics to beat Austin, ultimately drawing blood from Austin’s head — the WWE then had a no-blood policy — and choking him with a final sharpshooter until he passed out. Hart’s heel persona was bolstered later in the year at the now infamous Montreal Screwjob, when Hart spit on CEO Vince McMahon from the ring after losing a controversial match. Hart was voted Most Hated Wrestler of the Year in 1997 and was the third runner-up the following year.

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23. Roman Reigns
> Most Hated Wrestler of the Year awards: 3
> WWE debut: 2011
> WWE appearances: 425
> Daily avg. Wikipedia page views: 11,228

One of the most controversial figures in the modern WWE, Roman Reigns has enjoyed substantial success in the WWE — he has been in the main event in four consecutive “WrestleMania” shows from 2015 to 2018 and won three WWE World Heavyweight Championships. Still, he is met by audiences with a mix of apathy and disdain. While the WWE may believe he has the makings of a babyface megastar, the push by WWE bookers to make Reigns the face of the organization has turned many fans against the Samoan-Italian wrestler. Reigns was met with subdued cheers and all-out boos at his championship wins. He was voted in 2016 PWI’s Most Hated Wrestler of the Year — one of the only face wrestlers to ever receive the title.

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22. Jeff Jarrett
> Most Hated Wrestler of the Year awards: 4
> WWE debut: 1993
> WWE appearances: 145
> Daily avg. Wikipedia page views: 1,366

Jeff Jarrett rode his country singer character to heel infamy. Dressed in a light-up white cowboy suit emblazoned with the initials “JJ,” Jarrett often smashed an acoustic guitar over the heads of his opponents. Jarrett was known for his vanity and arrogance as well as his interview-closing catchphrase query: “Ain’t I great?” His persona took a more vicious turn during the Attitude Era, when he began targeting women in verbal and physical attacks. While Jarrett played up his misogynistic angle, he did not discriminate by age, bashing The Fabulous Moolah with a guitar and trapping Mae Young in a figure-four leg lock when the two wrestling legends were both well into their 70s.

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21. André the Giant
> Most Hated Wrestler of the Year awards: 2
> WWE debut: N/A
> WWE appearances: N/A
> Daily avg. Wikipedia page views: 7,209

Standing at 7 feet 4 inches and weighing over 500 pounds, André the Giant was one of the biggest figures in sports entertainment in both size and popularity. André spent most of his career as a babyface, winning PWI’s Most Popular Wrestler of the Year award in 1977 and 1982 and appearing as the gentle giant Fezzik in the 1987 film “The Princess Bride.” The beloved giant’s heel turn was therefore all the more shocking. Made jealous by the conniving manager and color commentator Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, André turned on his long-time ally Hulk Hogan in February 1987, ripping his former friend’s shirt and igniting a rivalry that would play out over the following year. André the Giant was the runner-up for Most Hated Wrestler of the Year in 1987, and he was awarded the full honor in 1998.