Every State With a Native American Name

Source: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock / Getty Images

21. South Dakota

South Dakota is named after the Dakota Sioux. Dakota translates to “the allies.”

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Source: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock / Getty Images

22. Tennessee

Tennessee is derived from the Cherokee word tanasi, which was a town in the area. Although the word tanasi has no direct Cherokee meaning, it may have been shortened from a longer word or named after a Cherokee person of unknown identity.

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23. Texas

Texas is derived from the Caddo word taysha, which means “friends” or “allies.”

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24. Utah

Utah is a derivation of Ute, a tribe native to the area. The Ute tribal name may have come from the Apache word yudah, meaning “they who are higher up.” The Utes refer to themselves as Noochee, meaning “the people.”

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25. Wisconsin

The Algonquin name for the Wisconsin River is meskousing, which may have been adapted from the Miami word meskonsing, meaning “it lies red,” referring to the red sandstone along the river around Wisconsin Dells. The name was corrupted over the years into its current form, Wisconsin.

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