6 American Restaurants That Have Been Around for More Than 150 Years

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse / Facebook

Old Homestead Steakhouse
> Location: New York, New York
> Year opened: 1868

Considered the oldest steakhouse in America, this establishment was opened under the name Tidewater Trading Post by a German family. In the 1940s, a dishwasher at the restaurant, Harry Sherry, took it over and passed it along to his descendants.

Source: Courtesy of Schloz Garten

Schloz Garten
> Location: Austin, Texas
> Year opened: 1866

August Schloz, a German immigrant who had served in the Confederate Army, opened this place as a beer garden. It became a favorite with the area’s considerable Bavarian and Prussian population, and today is a noted gathering place for University of Texas students.

Source: dalecruse / Flickr

The Old Clam House
> Location: San Francisco, California
> Year opened: 1861

Originally called the Oakdale Bar & Clam House, this Bay Area institution opened the year Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated. The bar portion of the building dates from the establishment’s founding, allowing the place to call itself the oldest San Francisco restaurant still in its original location.

Source: Courtesy of Hays House Restaurant via Facebook

Hays House
> Location: Council Grove, Kansas
> Year opened: 1857

Today a National Historic Landmark, Hays House dates its beginnings back to the time that Seth Hays, Daniel Boone’s great-grandson, built a log cabin on the site as a trading post that also served food.

Source: dirkhansen / Flickr

Breitbach’s Country Dining
> Location: Balltown, Iowa
> Year opened: 1852

Iowa’s oldest continuously operating bar and restaurant, this place was originally a trading post. The Breitbach family, which bought it in 1891, has run it ever since. Its continuity was interrupted twice when fire destroyed the building in 2007 and again the following year, but it continues to thrive in its third incarnation.