50 Dangerous Conditions Testing Your Blood Can Help Detect

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11. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
> Common symptoms: Pain in leg, discolored skin, feeling of warmth
> Confirmation tests: Ultrasounds, further blood tests, venography
> Treatment: Blood thinners, clot busters, filters, compression stockings

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12. Hepatitis A
> Common symptoms: Fatigue, sudden nausea, loss of appetite, dark urine
> Confirmation tests: Blood sample
> Treatment: No specific treatment; rest, nausea management

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13. Lung cancer
> Common symptoms: Coughing up blood, chest pain, bone pain, headache
> Confirmation tests: CT scan, tissue sample, imaging tests
> Treatment: Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy

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14. Gonorrhea
> Common symptoms: Painful urination, pain or swelling, discharge
> Confirmation tests: Urine test, swab of affected area
> Treatment: Antibiotics

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15. Dehydration
> Common symptoms: Thirst, sunken eyes, listlessness
> Confirmation tests: Additional blood tests, urinalysis
> Treatment: Electrolytes, intravenous fluids