50 Dangerous Conditions Testing Your Blood Can Help Detect

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26. Hormone imbalances
> Common symptoms: Weight gain, fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold or heat, muscle aches
> Confirmation tests: Pelvic exam, ultrasound
> Treatment: Hormone therapy

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27. Chronic kidney disease
> Common symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, sleep problems
> Confirmation tests: Urine tests, imaging tests, kidney biopsy
> Treatment: Blood pressure, anemia, cholesterol, swelling, medications

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28. Breast cancer
> Common symptoms: Breast lump, redness of breast skin, change of shape of breast
> Confirmation tests: Mammogram, breast ultrasound, biopsy
> Treatment: Lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy

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29. Cirrhosis
> Common symptoms: Fatigue, itchy skin, jaundice
> Confirmation tests: Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), biopsy
> Treatment: Treatment for alcohol dependency, liver transplant surgery

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30. Pregnancy
> Common symptoms: Nausea, late period, increased urination
> Confirmation tests: Blood test, MRI
> Treatment: Consult physician