35 Best Vegan Restaurants in America

35 Best Vegan Restaurants in America

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a full-on vegan revolution going on. “Plant-based” is a buzzword that just about every food brand has picked up on, meatless “meat” from companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible are being cooked up in home and restaurant kitchens alike, and services like Purple Carrot and Plantable deliver vegan meal kits nationwide.  

Vegan food – that is, food that  is not just vegetarian but contains absolutely no animal-derived products (cheese, cream, honey, etc.) whatsoever – has gone downright mainstream over the past decade or so. A trip to your local grocery store will make that abundantly clear, and it seems as if every city today has restaurants that are completely vegan and delicious enough that even fully-fledged carnivores will love it.  

According to WebMD, about three percent of Americans follow a vegan diet. Folks go vegan for a wide variety of reasons, including a desire to be healthier and concerns for the environment and for animal welfare. Whatever the reason, veganism is here to stay, and there are lots of restaurants that cater to vegans, some of them very good. (Vegan and otherwise, these foods have a strikingly low impact on the environment.)

Vegans can usually find plenty of options at restaurants that are vegetarian but not vegan, and many other kinds of restaurants today offer at least a few vegan options – and we’re not just talking about the clichéd plate of sautéed vegetables. 

To compile a list of the best vegan restaurants in America, 24/7 Tempo reviewed articles and lists appearing in a wide variety of websites, including Food & Wine, Modern Farmer, The Culture Trip, Thrillist, Food Network, Mashed, and Eat This Not That, as well as local and regional sites. Of course, you’ll also notice that about a quarter of the places on our list are in California, which is home to several of the best American cities for vegans and vegetarians.

Source: Courtesy of Underground Vegan via Facebook

Underground Vegan
> Location: Birmingham, AL
> Sample dish: Bakun Cheezburger

Source: Courtesy of The Uprooted Kitchen via Facebook

The Uprooted Kitchen
> Location: Gilbert, AZ
> Sample dish: Oregano cauliflower pesto sandwich

Source: Courtesy of Jake H. via Yelp

Seabirds Kitchen
> Location: Costa Mesa and 2 other Southern California locations, CA
> Sample dish: Peruvian ensalada (with walnut chorizo)

Source: Courtesy of Monique M. via Yelp

> Location: Los Angeles, CA
> Sample dish: House-made fettuccine with truffle butter and shaved black truffles

Source: Courtesy of Gracias Madre via Yelp

Gracias Madre
> Location: Los Angeles, CA
> Sample dish: Wet burrito with jackfruit carnitas

Source: Courtesy of Sydney R. via Yelp

Little Pine
> Location: Los Angeles, CA
> Sample dish: Apple sandwich (with seitan prosciutto)

Source: Courtesy of Terry D. via Yelp

Craft Roots
> Location: Morgan Hill, CA
> Sample dish: Margherita pizza (with cashew mozzarella)

Source: Courtesy of Toshi P. via Yelp

> Location: Oakland, CA
> Sample dish: Green garlic polenta cake

Source: Courtesy of Britt C. via Yelp

> Location: San Diego, CA
> Sample dish: Memphis BBQ jackfruit

Source: Courtesy of Wildseed via Yelp

> Location: San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA
> Sample dish: Spicy yellow curry

Source: edsel_ / Flickr

> Location: San Francisco, CA
> Sample dish: Green mango nigiri

Source: Courtesy of richard L. via Yelp

Drop Squad Kitchen
> Location: Wilmington, DE
> Sample dish: Lobster Mac & Cheeze (with hearts of palm lobster)

Source: Courtesy of Joella D. via Yelp

Green Bar & Kitchen
> Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
> Sample dish: Taco salad (with walnut meat)

Source: Courtesy of Full Bloom Vegan via Yelp

Full Bloom Vegan
> Location: Miami Beach, FL
> Sample dish: Lion’s mane steak au poivre

Source: Courtesy of Chi Chi Vegan via Facebook

Chi Chi Vegan
> Location: Atlanta, GA
> Sample dish: Veggie chimichanga

Source: Courtesy of Cindy P. via Yelp

Peace Café
> Location: Mo’ili’ili (Maui), HI
> Sample dish: Tofu scramble plate

Source: Courtesy of Ali B. via Yelp

Chicago Diner
> Location: 2 Chicago locations, IL
> Sample dish: Truffle mushroom lentil loaf

Source: Courtesy of The Land of Kush via Facebook

The Land of Kush
> Location: Baltimore, MD
> Sample dish: Carrot tuna wrap

Source: Courtesy of Yembur A. via Yelp

My Thai Vegan Café
> Location: Boston, MA
> Sample dish: Tamarind veggie duck

Source: diversey / Flickr

J. Selby’s
> Location: St. Paul, MN
> Sample dish: Cookies & Creme Shake (oat milk)

Source: Courtesy of Modern Love Omaha via Facebook

Modern Love
> Location: Omaha, NE
> Sample dish: Seitan five-spice BBQ wings

Source: Courtesy of Alex T. via Yelp

Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum
> Location: Las Vegas, NV
> Sample dish: Sweet rice vegan pork dumplings

Source: Courtesy of VegeNation via Facebook

> Location: Las Vegas, NV
> Sample dish: Chicken caesar salad (plant-based “chicken”)

Source: Courtesy of Jessica C. via Yelp

Aunts et Uncles
> Location: Brooklyn, NY
> Sample dish: Tivoli taco (Beyond ground meat)

Source: Courtesy of Bunna Cafe via Facebook

Bunna Cafe
> Location: Brooklyn, NY
> Sample dish: Shiro (ground chickpeas with Ethiopian spices)

Source: Courtesy of Dante A. via Yelp

Avant Garden
> Location: New York City, NY
> Sample dish: Celery root with shiitake velouté

Source: Courtesy of Herminia C. via Yelp

JaJaJ Plantas Mexicana
> Location: 3 New York City locations plus Brooklyn, NY
> Sample dish: Beet and pumpkin empanada

Source: Courtesy of Khushboo G. via Yelp

> Location: Asheville, NC
> Sample dish: Applewood-smoked mushroom mole

Source: Courtesy of E R. via Yelp

Blossoming Lotus
> Location: Portland, OR
> Sample dish: Tempeh bacon sandwich

Source: diversey / Flickr

Homegrown Smoker
> Location: Portland, OR
> Sample dish: Philthy Nocheesesteak (with smoked beef seitan)

Source: Courtesy of Foglia via Facebook

> Location: Bristol, RI
> Sample dish: Chickpea panisse with local tomato salad

Source: Courtesy of The Vegan Nom via Facebook

The Vegan Nom
> Location: Austin, TX
> Sample dish: KBBQ burrito (with Korean bbq “chicken”)

Source: Courtesy of The Wild Cow Restaurant via Facebook

The Wild Cow
> Location: Nashville, TN
> Sample dish: Buffalo beans and greens

Source: Courtesy of Vicky T. via Yelp

Plum Bistro
> Location: Seattle, WA
> Sample dish: Plum classic Reuben (with tofu strami)

Source: Courtesy of Fancy Radish via Yelp

Fancy Radish
> Location: Washington, D.C.
> Sample dish: Chermoula grilled tofu with black lentils

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