Your Ultimate Guide to What’s in Season Right Now

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California grows most of the domestic kiwis available in the U.S. While they ripen in late fall, cold storage keeps them available into mid-spring.

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The standard variety Eureka lemons are available year-round, but peak production is between late winter and early summer. Meyer lemons are in season now, peaking between November and March.

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Like many leafy greens, lettuce is a cool season crop that can be grown year-round in California. Arizona also produces a large percentage of U.S. leaf lettuce.

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As mushrooms can be cultivated indoors, year-round, they are available fresh any time of year. Pennsylvania, California, and Florida are the main producers of mushrooms in the U.S.

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Commercial onions are grown domestically in over 20 states, and they are available year-round as storage vegetables.