Worst Teams in the History of Every Sport

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20. 1942 Philadelphia Phillies
> League: MLB
> Record: 42-109
> Run differential: -2.1 runs per game

The 1942 Phillies featured five pitchers with 14 losses or more, led by Rube Melton who had a record of 9-20.

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19. 2019 Detroit Tigers
> League: MLB
> Record: 47-114
> Run differential: -2.1 runs per game

The Tigers posted the second-most losses in their history this past season.

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18. 1919 Philadelphia Athletics
> League: MLB
> Record: 36-104
> Run differential: -2.0 runs per game

After winning three world titles in the early part of the 20th century, the Athletics tumbled to last place. The A’s would finish last every season from 1915 through 1921.

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17. 1935 Boston Braves
> League: MLB
> Record: 38-115
> Run differential: -1.8 runs per game

Outside of the offense supplied by center fielder Wally Berger (34 homers and 130 runs batted in), Braves fans had little to cheer about, winning only 17 games in the second half of the season. Pitcher Ben Cantwell lost 25 games and won just four.

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16. 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers
> League: NBA
> Record: 9-73
> Point differential: -12.1 points per game

Three years before Julius Erving would join the Sixers and eventually lead them to an NBA title, Philadelphia staggered to its worst regular season as Hall of Fame guard Hal Greer closed out his career on a losing note.