Worst Teams in the History of Every Sport

Source: St. Louis Browns / Wikimedia Commons

25. 1939 St. Louis Browns
> League: MLB
> Record: 43-111-2
> Run differential: -1.9 runs per game

The Browns finished 64.5 games behind the New York Yankees and never won more than two games in a row.

Source: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

24. 1991 Indianapolis Colts
> League: NFL
> Record: 1-15
> Point differential: -14.9 points per game

Despite having Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson in their backfield, the pre-Peyton Manning-era Colts managed one victory in 1991 — a one-point win over the New York Jets.

Source: Library of Congress

23. 1911 Boston Rustlers
> League: MLB
> Record: 44-107-5
> Run differential: -2.1 runs per game

The team that eventually changed its name to the Braves spent exactly one day — April 12 — in first place in 1911 after winning their first game of the season.

Source: Bob Verlin/Getty Images

22. 1967 Atlanta Falcons
> League: NFL
> Record: 1-12-1
> Point differential: -17.6 points per game

The Falcons avoided a winless season only by defeating the Minnesota Vikings by one point and tying the Washington Redskins.

Source: Tim Culek/Getty Images

21. 1973 Houston Oilers
> League: NFL
> Record: 1-13
> Point differential: -17.7 points per game

Quarterback Dan Pastorini committed 17 fumbles and threw 17 interceptions during the Oilers woeful campaign.